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I know that many people have similar questions and issues. Here are a two issues that crossed my desk recently.


My issue isn’t working out it is eating healthy. I have a family that loves all the snacks. Hardest part for me is if there is one snack left……..I don’t need it. Its not like I won’t ever have one again (but I eat it). I am an emotional eater and I have to somehow get past this and feel like I am worth the effort.
Thanks for all your help.
************************************************************************************************************************************************ Dear R

Set small goals for yourself. Promise yourself that when it comes to snacking you’ll pick the worst snack and consistently say NO to that snack. Remind yourself it’s just for that one snack (today). Substitute another snack if you need to. Remember that if that snack is unhealthy for you, it’s probably not a good choice for your family either so it may be something that you try to wean them off of as well.

Let that habit sink in for a while. Taste how good it feels to have control over that one snack.
Rinse and repeat with other snacks over time.

If you’re looking for some great snack ideas, check this blog post out.

The key to change is making it manageable and livable so you never feel deprived. You make better choices because you feel good, not because you feel deprived.
Good luck,
Keep me posted,

************************************************************************************************************************************************ I have struggled with my entire life is……comparing myself to other women. We all do it but I beat myself up over it. Other women make thin look easy. Make eating a bite and being full look effortless. I am 5’6 and 170#.  Consider myself athletic. I run 5k’s several times a year.  130 is my goal. It’s where I feel the best. Last year I was 152. I don’t know what happened but now I am 170. I just want to be 130 and be happy. Somehow I need to reinvest in me and not worry about what others look like. How do I get my brain and body working together again?
Thank you for your support.
A Dedicated Reader


Dear Dedicated Reader,
It’s all about your attitude.

I think you know what you need to do. You said it: I need to reinvest in me and not worry about what others look like.

Do it.  How would ‘reinvesting in yourself’ look? Get a plan.

Being prepared is half the battle. I love creating and helping ladies with fitness plans and that’s what I”m good at. I’m NOT good at financial planning, income tax, investing etc. so I go to an expert to help me with that. Do yourself a favor, find someone you can trust with your fitness needs if you’re not great at planning your workouts. You’re more likely to ‘arrive’ at your goals when you have a road map with concise directions.

Find something that you LIKE about your self and focus on it, rather than finding the flaws and focusing on those.

It may sound all ‘woo woo’, but this is my thinking: when you think about negative things, you bring them closer to you. If you focus on the good things, you get more positive things coming your way. (I think you start to take action to make good things happen…)

Focus on feeling good and being your best, not on losing weight. Change your thinking from: I don’t look as good as her, I have a big butt/thighs/arms (?), I hate my stomach, I’ll never get to 130…

Instead, think: I can run like the wind, I have good stamina, my legs are firm, I feel good when I eat (healthy food choice), I’m a great mom and wife, that sort of thing.

Don’t think ‘gawd I need to lose 40 lbs’, think small manageable goals. One goal may be that you’ll workout three times a week. Another may be that you’ll drink more water daily. Hold yourself accountable to those small goals. Once you feel you’ve mastered the small goals, then add another small goal. Take small steps towards a more healthy lifestyle, focus on what you CAN DO, what you CAN HAVE,  and not on what you CAN’T DO or CAN’T HAVE.

It’s all about workout intensity too. You won’t meet your long term weight loss goals and have a rockin body running (sorry), lift some weight and do some HIIT. Here’s a great post to help you with that.

Surround yourself with positive thinking people and push out negative thoughts (and people). It’s just as easy to think good thoughts about yourself as bad, but it does take discipline and practice. Many people have been listening to negative voices in their heads for a long long time. you’ve probably been thinking this way (negatively) about yourself for years. Again, slowly switch this around.

This works for me and many of my clients. One of my fav books is Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Marc. it’s all about changing your thinking to be the person you want to be.

Take care and think a good thought about yourself.  I really appreciate your question.
Keep in touch!


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