Raid the Fridge!

Here’s a fridge raid that I did with one of my coaching clients:

Here’s a few points to summarize my client to healthier eating…

  • Great to have a ton of produce, berries, lettuce
  • Cut back on processed meats – try tuna, salmon or crab instead –nitrates aren’t a good choice
  • If yoiu drink Soy – keep it unsweetened.
  • Becel with olive oil
  • Condiments – go easy often there is a lot of sugar and sodium
  • Greek yogurt – look for non fat and unsweetened, not all Greek yogurt is created equal.
  • Tofu desserts – watch the sugar less than 10 g
  • Hummus with veggies is an awesome snack
  • Eggs – 1 whole egg and 1 egg white perfect serving for breakfast
  • Don’t drink calories like juice


Keep a close eye on food labels and learn exactly what’s in the food you eat.  Knowledge is power and that’s exactly what we’re all about at Female Fat Loss over Forty.