Happy Father’s Day to the Men in Your Life

How many of you are lucky enough to have your Dad in your life today?  I hope many. I wanted to give a shout out to my dad today cuz he’s a super cool guy and I really haven’t given him his due.

female fat loss over 40I got my abs from my Dad ;)

Although my dad is old school and doesn’t voice his feelings much, I know that my dad has always been my biggest supporter.  He’s actually such a softie I think he’s a little afraid to say too much cuz he’ll shed a tear. That’s happened on occasion.

Compared to most kids, I was a pretty easy one to raise, at least I made it easier on my pops than my siblings. When I say ‘easy’, I mean I didn’t get into trouble, but that was the only easy part about raising me. I was an annoying overachiever that had to be at every workout, event, competition, meeting, whatever was held at whatever venue at whatever cost, with the best of the best equipment that we could afford. My dad was always willing to step up. He was always up before me to drive me to 5 am swim practice (now that I get up almost daily at 4:15 am for my fitness boot camps, I know what a sacrifice this is). He helped with ‘swim-a-thons’ and funded flights to swim meets across the country . He volunteered at my events and did his best to have my back in what ever capacity that I needed. I know his friends probably got sick of him bragging about me.

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As is the case with all families, we had some rough patches growing up, but my dad and are cool with each other now. I don’t see him as much as I should. I’m lucky to have a great step mom who seems to kick his a$$ into eating right and getting some exercise. Thanks Joan 🙂

I just want to publicly thank my dad for always being there for me. I know I’m a better parent from what he’s taught me. I’ve learned so much from him.

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I hope you have a chance to acknowledge your dad today and every day.

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Here’s a cool workout for you with two of my favorite exercises:

1 burpee
2 push ups
3 Bodyweight squats

Add one rep each set to finally get to:
10 burpees
20 push ups
30 bodyweight squats

Time yourself. Beat your time next time out…challenge your dad to this, or if you have kids, challenge your kids to do it with you.

Have a great day!

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