Raid the Pantry!

What’s in your pantry?

Take a look at what my client had in hers and what you can learn from it:

  • Protein supplement – its hard to get enough protein at every meal
  • silluim based fibre – great for women
  • Vitamins – Multi vitamin, Vitamin D & omega 3
  • Junk in the pantry – MODERATION and put it out of eye sight
  • Flax seed throw it in baking, smoothies everywhere
  • Pasta – Portion control WW is better than regular but grains like Quoina much better choices fibre and protein
  •  The more processed the less nutritional.  Remember anything in your pantry is probably going to be less healthy than anything fresh
  • I love nuts!! Natural not roasted in oil
  • No salt added broths – watch labels like 25% less they can still be really high in sodium
  • Canned things – watch sodium too
  • Cereal – look at your labels, Oats are a great choice
  • Nut butters – natural is great or at least no sugar added
  • Don’t drink your calories – like juice
  • Protein stabilizes blood sugar – encourage your kids to have it at each snack and meal