Knee Pain Tips

Do you have knee pain?

Me too. Thankfully I can tap into the best professionals to help you.

My friend Rick Kaselj has these tips for you:

  • Always work a full range of motion as much as possible. If you can’t complete the full range of motion pain free, do the ROM that you can.
  • Develop muscular strength and endurance at the hip. You can accomplish this by doing exercises like the stiff legged dead lift:


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  • Cycling is helpful to allow blood flow to the the knee, particularly if you have cartilage damage (like me).
  • Stretching and foam rolling helps immeasurably. Typically the quads and IT band tend to be very tight and can contribute to knee pain.
  • Watch your posture and habits while standing. You can take your knees out of stress just by being conscious of this.

Rick suggests getting outside medical attention if your knee pain doesn’t subside in a few days.

If you want more tips from Rick, he can help you here.

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