Using the Assisted Pull Up Machine

One way to increase your pull up power is to use the assisted pull up machine if you have access to one. I don’t believe this is the best or only way to increase your pull up quality and quantity, but it’s ONE tool in your pull up training tool box.

As I’ve said before, the eccentric contraction of any movement is the strengthening portion of the movement. So many think that when doing a pull up, it’s the lifting or the concentric contraction that is the strengthening part of the movement.


It’s actually the lowering down from the bar under control that helps strengthen your muscles.

To that end, many people focus on the lifting portion of the movement when using the assisted pull up machine. They don’t  pay any attention to how they lower themselves down from the bar. In the video below, I describe how you should try to take more of your weight on the way down from the bar. This isn’t always easy because your knees are on the platform, by lifting one knee off (alternate knees each rep), you can take some of the weight on your hands and less weight on your knees.

Keep in mind that eccentric training causes more muscle soreness. You need to be cautious to avoid excess muscle soreness and possible injury.

Using the assisted pull up machine is one way to increase your pull up power. There are a number of other ways you can increase your quality and quantity pull ups, find out more here, here, and here.

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Here are a few tips for using the assisted pull up machine here: