What Eating Habits Should I Change? (interview)

I often do conference calls with my fitness boot camps.

female fat loss over 40

I recently got on the phone with our nutritionist from ‘Simply for Life’.

Scott (our nutritionist) and I wanted to discuss the fact that you should change ONE nutritional habit and once that habit feels good, add another. Before long, you can change your whole lifestyle. The trouble with many ‘diet’ plans is that they start and stop. The health benefits of healthy eating may be overshadowed with the desire to lose weight. Fact is, you should never just eat to ‘lose weight’. Your eating plan should be developed with the outcome as optimal health and well being. If this is your goal, your body will naturally get to a healthy weight.

On the call we discussed:

-why carbs are NOT your enemy
-how water helps with weight loss
-what the trouble is with sugar and artificial sweeteners
-the scoop on protein bars
-healthy snack options
-should we eat to lose weight? why this strategy is doomed to fail