Is Gluten Intolerance the ‘New Black’ of the Diet World?

Go to a grocery store and you’ll no doubt see the ‘gluten free’ section. The media has made ‘gluten free’ ‘gluten intolerance’, ‘gluten sensitivity’ the ‘new black’ in the world of dieting.

Is there a need for gluten free eating? How do I know if I should avoid gluten?

Manufacturers will find any excuse to lighten your pocket book but won’t necessarily deliver on promises of improved health.

Sadly, many of the products available that boost ‘gluten free’ are anything but.

Hey, do I sound a little cynical??

I guess it’s because I am. There are too many ‘half truths’ out there and people aren’t getting to the bottom of their health issues because of it. It’s time for some clarity.

Enter gluten expert: Dr. Peter Osborne.

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He’s part of a group that I regularly meet with. This group is all about providing valuable and honest fitness, fat loss and health information to people like you. I’m  fortunate to have the contacts that I do in this business so that I can pass on all the leading edge information.

I’ve learned a lot about gluten in the last little while since Peter has been showing up at meetings.

The good news when Peter shows up  is that you can be sure he’ll bring lots of cool stuff to the table.

The bad news is that at all the meals, all the gluten related foods will just sit there cuz no one will dare eat any in front of him. It’s sort of comical actually. (I’m not totally gluten free, but we never eat gluten in front of Peter, don’t tell him that on occasion we all eat gluten behind his back!)

Here’s a video I did with Peter a while back. As some of you know, my alter ego is ‘Female Fat Loss Over 40 Expert’. Gluten is definitely an issue that the over 40 demographic can benefit from learning more about:


Dr Osborne has recently made some information available to you online. He has a very busy practice in Texas with a waiting list to see him, so this is the easiest access to him and valuable health information.

If you feel you have any of the health issues he talks about in his video, you owe it to yourself to check this out. I’ve had many clients benefit from his expertise.

CLICK HERE for more information on how you can improve your health.