Is Gluten Making You Store Fat?

Are you having a hard time dropping fat?

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I’ve been picking the brain of Dr Peter Osborne. He’s got some interesting information for you on how gluten can be a problem when it comes to fat storage.

I know, this isn’t ‘easy’ stuff, but if you want to get rid of the junk in your trunk, listen up:
Most diet plans are based on Calorie consumption.

Weight loss is not just about Calories. The concept of the Calorie is based on the amount of heat a food generates when it is burned in a sealed chamber. Although Calorie estimation can be useful, it does not take into consideration the affect that food can have on hormone levels. To make things even more confusing, different foods can affect people’s hormones differently.

Gluten Sensitivity Disrupts Weight Loss By Effecting Hormones

Many people don’t tolerate gluten (a protein found in grains). For these individuals, gluten causes excessive insulin production which in turn tells the body to store fat. This can happen even if the individual is not “over eating” on Calories. Additionally, gluten can cause the body to over produce cortisol. This powerful hormone can also cause excessive bloating and weight gain. Gluten has also been shown to cause thyroid hormone deficiencies. Because the thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolism, a deficiency in this powerful hormone can cause a lack of energy, hair loss, dry skin, clouded thinking, and weight gain.

Common Sense Applies

People are different and unique but if you’re having problems with weight loss, it may be that gluten is the culprit. Put the odds in your favor for better health and make some healthy changes before you get frustrated with a lack of progress.

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