Hardcore Finishers

Remember my good friends Mike Whitfield and Travis Stoezel? You can see them in challenge workouts with me here and here.

They teamed up to create something called ‘Hardcore Finishers’ that’s off the hook.

I had to bust out the program and give a few of the finishers a go. The finishers are actually intended to be used at the END of your regular workout, but to me they were so exciting looking that I wanted to do all 31 finishers just to give them a try (ya, I’m weird like that).

So I didn’t do ALL 31 finishers, but a few of my favorites will become a staple in my workouts.

I loved the ‘Burpee Pull Up Mountain’, how could I resist a new combo of burpees and pull ups? I did the ‘Lateral Suicides’ with my  fitness  boot campers ( I wasn’t very popular during that portion of the workout!). And then I HAD to do ‘This Will Make You a Man’…I have to take issue with that name, I’m still a wo-man but wow, that was a kick a$$ finisher!

Get the names of some of these workouts:

  • 99 Problems But the Twitch Ain’t One
  • Swinging Worms
  • Crawlin ‘n Pushin
  • Give Me 5 for Every 10
  • Hammer Time
  • Hardcore 250

Here’s a great example:

Finisher #15 – Keep Your Chin Up
1 Round ALL OUT!
1A) Burpee Chin Up x 10

1B) Bulgarian Squats x 20 / leg

1C) Burpee Pull Ups x 10

1D) Pike Press x 20

1E) Burpee Chin Up x 10

Oh, and the cool thing too is that there’s a workout video for EVERY  finisher so Travis guides you with tips on how to perform the finisher. Wowza…

You’re probably wondering what Hardcore Finishers are all about, take a look here:

That’s Travis looking ripped and muscular in the video (sigh-oops, that’s my inside voice ;))

Mikey sent me a sneak peak and I was astounded. There are so many bonuses, they just kept coming.

hardcore finishers

Take a look at it here .