Elbow Pain and What to Do About It

I’ve been talking a lot about elbow pain this week on the blog.

The first post in the series, Rick gave an overview of some of the reasons you may be feeling elbow pain. You can check that out here.

Here’s a video Rick and I did where he gave me some suggestions to help with my elbow pain:

What part of your elbows are giving you pain? Here’s a simple test to do from Rick Kaselj:

I have pain on the medial side of the elbow.

I used Rick’s program to alleviate this pain. Because I’m so diligent (read: stubborn) with training that involves gripping etc, I get elbow pain from time to time. I go right back to the exercises and stretches that are outlined in his book. I’m also better at doing the preventive measures he has in the program, but like anyone, I get lazy and forget to do the stretches etc when I have no elbow pain.

I especially like how Rick has his book laid out so that I can target my medial elbow pain. I have no lateral elbow pain, so even though it’s important to do full range of motion stretches and strengthening movements, I know where my weakness and tightness is so I can focus more in those areas.

I always wondered if I was doing more harm than good by some of the rolling. stretching, massaging that I was doing. All those answers got cleared up for me.

I know that elbow pain is something that I’ll likely have to deal with since I”m not giving up my training, but the good news is that I have a plan of action to reduce it to a minimum. If you’re like me and suffer from repetitive use pain at the elbows, I highly recommend Rick’s plan.

Check it out here.