Playground Workout

Spring is around the corner and it’s wishful thinking that I can train outside soon. You can still see snow in the backyards of this video, but if I wait for better weather, I’ll be waiting a long time around my neck of the woods.

I know that lots of you would have occasion to get to a playground, probably more so to get the ants outta your kids pants.

Do you even have any ‘ants in your pants’? (Oh, to have the energy and enthusiasm of a kid!)

Then again, why not? Why not get excited to head to the playground and do something fun?

My friend, Mike Whitfield (I’ve introduced him many times, but you can read his story of inspiration here) made up this workout and I thought I’d give it a try. I did a video so you can see each exercise. You’ll find the write up of the workout below…


The Kid Workout (from Mike Whitfield, Workout Finisher Dude)

Do the following circuit 3 times, resting for 30 seconds between circuits, then move onto circuit 2:

1A) Broad Jump (stand with your feet shoulder width apart – jump as far/high as you can, then turn around and repeat) (6)

1B) Monkey Bars (30 secs)

1C) Suicide Drill (30 secs)

Circuit 2

2A) Jump Rope (9/10 intensity) (30 secs)

2B) Bear Crawl (30 secs)

2C) Skaters (30 secs)


Jumping Jacks (200)

You can find all kinds of cool ‘finisher workouts’ from Mike here. He’s lost over 100 lbs doing them, I know they’ll work for you too.

Oh, and if you only have 3 minutes, Mike has you covered with his 3 Minute Finishers program. Who doesn’t have 3 minutes.

Check it out here.