Playground Workout Finisher

Too old to hit the playground? I say ‘never’!

Move over kids, it’s my turn on those monkey bars!

My friend, Mike Whitfield (introduced on the blog many times, but most recently you may have read his story of inspiration here) gave me this cool finisher that you can do on a playground. It could be on your day off or when you’re taking your kids to the playground and want to burn a few calories yourself.

It was fun to do, even if it didn’t feel very ‘spring’ like when I was outside. You can see the snow in some back yards still, seriously, we have only about a quarter of the year that there’s no snow on the ground here so I got tired of waiting for nicer weather.

I love all of Mike’s Workout Finishers…he’s got fun fat burning  ideas that never bore me.

‘The Kid Workout’ from Mike Whitfield, Workout Finisher Dude

Do the following circuit 3 times, resting for 30 seconds between circuits, then move onto circuit 2:

1A) Broad Jump (stand with your feet shoulder width apart – jump as far/high as you can, then turn around and repeat) (6)

1B) Monkey Bars (30 secs)

1C) Suicide Drill (30 secs)

Circuit 2

2A) Jump Rope (9/10 intensity) (30 secs)

2B) Bear Crawl (30 secs)

2C) Skaters (30 secs)


Jumping Jacks (200)

You can find all kinds of cool ‘finisher workouts’ from Mike here. He’s lost over 100 lbs doing them, I know they’ll work for you too.