Do Sit Ups Burn Belly Fat?

Who doesn’t want a defined and toned mid section?


Of course we all want the elusive six pack abs, or at the very least a toned tummy.


Sadly, you may have fallen prey to ridiculous ab contraptions that promise to burn off the flub and give you toned abs in less than 5 min a day.


I call BS. Sorry, if it sounds too good to be true, it is….


So, what’s the best way to burn belly fat?


You may be surprised…watch the video:


Imagine your fat as a winter coat. If you do even one hundred crunches a day, will you raise enough heat that you’ll want to take off your coat? Unlikely.


How about if you start doing metabolically challenging exercises like burpees, sprints, pull ups, even push ups?


Will you want to take off your winter coat?


It’s more likely.


Ab movements are great for strengthening your mid section. You need core strength for over all strength, back health and stability but the ab strengthening movements are NOT what will give you the definition to your abs.


What will actually define your abs is fat melting metabolically challenging exercises that make you sweat. In fact, these exercises don’t necessarily have to be even targeting your abs specifically and they’ll be burning off belly fat. I love the Workout Finishers that you’ll find here. These are the kinds of exercises I’m talking about to help those abs come out and see the sun. After all, the author lost over 100 lbs doing them so they should work for you too.


Stay tuned for more belly fat burning tips coming up.