Eating for Energy: Green Cappuccino?

Do you want an instant boost of energy?

Don’t reach for the coffee. We all know coffee is full of caffeine and that’s what we count on for an energy boost.

Did you know that caffeine is actually not good for energy? It stimulates your adrenals which will only lead to a crash. It also plays havoc with your blood sugars.

Prolonged energy and good nutrition comes from green whole foods. Green foods are also a high source of alkalinity which in short is great for your blood.

Have you considered juicing as a means to get your greens and energy? Yuri is a big fan as you can see from the video. This is what he has to say about juicing…
The only down side of green juices is that the juicing can be a bit time consuming. It will probably take you 30 minutes to make two litters of green juice. The upside is that you’ll have fresh juice for the whole day. A 30 minute investment for super energy the whole day seems like a reasonable trade off.

Here are some tips to juicing:

When you make a smoothie the fruit and vegetable fiber remains. Juicing does remove some of the fiber, but it’s easy to replace that missed fiber with something as simple as an apple. Obviously fiber is great for digestion.
You can add what ever you like to the green juice: parsley, celery, kale, ginger, cucumber, lemon, and try carrots or apples to sweeten it a bit. Green juices can sometimes be bland- the key to successful flavor is to always add a bit of lemon.
Green juice really is pure power and pure energy! Enjoy!

If you’re interested in three diet pitfalls that are seriously draining your energy, Yuri has more info for you here.