Restaurant Workout Scene

Decline push ups, dips, Bulgarian splits squats, inverted rows, squat jumps: not typical airport restaurant fare.


Except for this one day that my awesome business partner, Krista Kokot and I decided we should serve it up at a Vancover airport Bistro.


We were on our way to a fitness conference and had a few minutes to spare. I was pretty happy that border services didn’t want to spend much time with me in secondary inspection (we seem to have a lil ‘thang’ going on lately) and Krista’s lost luggage got found.


So before we grabbed a bite to eat, we decided to make a scene.


I sort of like being completely irreverent in an airport (or anywhere) and I like to watch people’s reactions.


The man at the table behind us, nearly flipped his lid when I tested some cool canoe paddles hanging from the ceiling. I climbed on a chair and tired to hang from one. I was pretty sure they’d hold my weight for some pull ups, but decided that a blooper reel of my crashing to the floor was unnecessary.


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Krista and I planned a full body workout, we moved some tables around and I grabbed my timer.


I guess it’s not often that you see two grown women hanging from bars and jumping on chairs (in an airport restaurant). As it turned out, the box jump was clearly going to turn into a blooper reel: Krista’s chair nearly broke in two and it wasn’t from her heavy frame 🙂


In any case, an onlooking firefighter decided to save the day and offered to film our restaurant workout for us. Turns out our camera man may be good at putting out fires, not so good at filming…sorry about the sideways start!



For the video, we only did 15 seconds of work with a 5 second transition. We wanted to keep the video short so we wouldn’t get asked to leave the restaurant (I’ve been asked to leave places before…oddly enough).


For your workout, I suggest doing a minimum of 30 seconds of work with a 5 second transition. There are only six exercises, so each ‘giant set’ only takes 3 minutes 30 seconds. You can repeat this giant set five times through for a great full body workout in a little more than 15 minutes.


The exercises are:

  • Decline push ups (optional: floor push ups or incline push ups)
  • Dips
  • Bulgarian split squats (weak leg)
  • Bulgarian split squats (strong leg)
  • Inverted rows (do stick ups, or a DB row if you can’t find something to hang from)
  • Squat jumps


I think this is about the fifth airport workout I’ve done here on the blog.  Here a two of those airport workouts:

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-Burpees and More

I’d love to hear the craziest place you’ve done a workout.


Remember, you don’t have to make a scene like we did (although it was super fun), just make a scene in your living room or hotel room sometime. You’ll be surprised at what a great little workout you can do with no equipment, a small amount of space and some imagination.


Hey, if you can get a cute fireman to film it for you, even better!

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