Sandbags Anyone?

I’ve never trained with sandbags. But I should.

If you’re looking for something out of the box, if you’re bored with your same routine, this is a great option.

Meet Travis Stoetzel…(did you see our head to head TRX Challenge together?)

challenge workout

Check him out doing a sandbag workout here:

Here’s what he did in the video:

Sandbag Complex Workout

5 Movements x 1 rep a piece x 5 total rounds x 6 sets.

1A) Sandbag Clean
1B) Sandbag Squat
1C) Sandbag Shouldering (1 each shoulder)
1D) Sandbag RDL
1E) Sandbag Bent Row

Obviously Travis is a big fan of sandbags. (And his physique responds well as you can see…)

What on earth do you do with sandbags?

Rather than figuring it out on your own and risking injury, Travis has a program that will guide you. Here’s what his program can do:

Sandbag training helps increase total body strength and power while also building up greater levels of mental toughness. challenge workouts

  • Build up levels of Brute Strength by digging into HEAVY sandbags.
  • Construct hands of steel with a vice like grip by performing different variations of sandbag movements.
  • Destroy common weakness’ through the functionality and uniqueness of general sandbag training.
  • Create a core of pure ripped muscle through the use of full body focused sandbag movements and variations.

If you’re not taking advantage of how effective sandbag training is for your ultimate results, you’re missing the boat.

You’ll learn how to properly use and implement sandbag training to your advantage through the use of his manual.

challenge workout