40/40 TRX Challenge

I love a challenge.

So does my good friend, Travis Stoetzel.

A head to head challenge is even better.

So you can see that the challenge is 40 atomic push ups with 40 recline rows with a one minute rest.

Take a look at the video:

Want to get strong?

You clearly need my program (I just added a TRX module) and obviously you need to check out what my friend Travis has to offer. He’s obviously the real meal deal when it comes to hardcore training.

What’s cool about Travis is that he’s known for his ‘unconventional’ training.

Oh, he’s done the whole bodybuilding route, but he’s found other ways to train that make him have the ‘look’ of a bodybuilder, but the functionality of an MMA fighter.

Challenge Workouts


Travis says that when he did a ‘bodybuilding type’ routine, he felt like he wasted hours in the gym doing isolation exercises, working out on machines doing endless amount of sets and reps. Results wise, all he ended up with was a little bit more muscle, LESS STRENGTH, and his athleticism had decreased.

He got  sick and tired of the same old routines that seemed to bulk him up but didn’t improve his performance athletically. So he discovered a better way.

He started playing around with some  unconventional types of training and developed a “system” that would actually help him build lean muscle and increase his strength, all while helping him get lean and stay athletic. The SECRET to this “system” is how it effectively blends together Bodyweight, Sandbags, and Kettlebells into a full program.

It’s like no other program I’ve seen. Trust me, Travis is an animal in terms of training and wow, judging by his picture you can see  how effective the program is to help you get lean and muscular. Obviously he knows what he’s doing, (he actually looks like this in real life…not like some trainers that get lean for a photo shoot).

If you want to try something a little out of the ordinary, I suggest looking at his program. It’s WAY less expensive that a single session with a ‘green’ trainer in a gym and the results will speak for themselves.  You can check it out here.

Challenge workouts