Fitness on the Road

Life on the road…well, I make it sound as if I’m some kind of wander lust traveler. As it turned out, I was traveling only about 10 days, which is plenty for me. (Seems like longer out of my every day routine.) I went to a couple of conferences in sunny California. I actually had the pleasure of speaking at two of the events.


I had the pleasure of having a travel companion this time, my biz partner, Krista Kokot. You’ll see one of the kick a$$ workouts we did together here.


Our first workout together found us in the Vancover airport making a scene. You’ll see that workout coming up soon.


The cool thing about traveling with another crazy workout canuck, is that we don’t mind making a bit of a scene in order to get a mini workout in, even in an airport. I always tell you that you can do this in your living room…just do it (I stole that from Nike obviously, but they have a good point).


The good news is that we didn’t get asked to leave the restaurant that I had climbed on the table to test out the canoe paddle. You won’t want to miss that post. (And if you want cool ideas that you can do at home, or in the airport!, you’ll want my program to guide you.)

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I love to travel to cool places and meet up with all the coolest of peeps in the fitness industry. I have friends all over the world now and I have access to the best in the biz.


A few highlights for me was that I got to hang with Roman (John Romaniello) and party with Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne.

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Upon your request: another pic of Roman...


female fat loss over 40
Super star Joel Marion


female fat loss over 40
Party time with Ballantyne

Up and comers like my good friend Mike Whitfield and I hung out. Here he is on stage…the coolest guy around and author of one of my favorite programs ‘Workout Finishers‘. It’s definitely something you want in your workout library.


Workout Finishersfemale fat loss over 40
Big Mike presenting his Workout Finishers


And who isn’t jealous that I’d spend the whole weekend with ‘the twins’?  Personal Trainers of the Year, Stephen and Mark Gray.


female fat loss over 40
Personal Trainers of the Year: Stephen and Mark Gray, Me, Krista Kokot and Lee Cooper


Big Ronnie Coleman was there and I got to feel pretty miniscule beside him.


female fat loss over 40
Big Ronnie Coleman and Me


Life was hard this past week…;)


I’ll have some extra cool stuff coming your way as a result of hob-knobbing with these dudes.



A highlight of my week was the the Fit Body Boot Camp World conference and listening to Alwyn Cosgrove’s presentation on fat loss. Remarkably I spoke an hour before him and some of my facts and my picture (from my presentation) were in his  presentation. (Don’t ask me how he managed that!)


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Wow, it was pretty cool to be recognized by THE leading expert in fitness and fat loss. I’ll be quoting some of the cutting edge studies he brought to light in future blog posts.


Alwyn and I managed to get lunch prior to our presentations. He’s such a cool dude, laid back about life but totally fired up about research in relation to fitness and fat loss. I love his Scottish accent and sense of humor. Good times.


I was presented with the Fit Body Boot Camp Award of Excellence and Achievement. My fitness boot camp was recognized as a premier training hot spot in Calgary, Canada. The award was based on results achieved in my boot camp, quality of service and the impact in my community. That was definitely a feel good day.


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It was super cool to work with the developers of TRX and get hands on training from the best…check it out here:


What happens when fitness folks from all over the USA and Canada and from as far away as Dubai, London England, New Zealand, Australia and China get together?


Freakin amazing energy and awesomeness.


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There I was, in a room full of 400+ (beautiful) people passionate about helping others.


This was called ‘Fitness Business Summit’ where I was on a woman’s hot seat panel on the second day. Members of the audience grilled us on how to best meet the needs of our clients, best practices etc. It was awesome to be able to help lots of new trainers with their questions.


female fat loss over 40


The developers of TRX were on hand showcasing their products.


female fat loss over 40


They had a challenge workout for anyone willing to give it a go. You’ll see more about this in an upcoming post. Suffice it to say I was THE only woman to complete the challenge with only five other men in the whole group of over 400 trainers. Def a memorable moment. Who says women over 40 can’t totally kick butt?


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After all the excitement, I got to hang with a few friends and chill out a bit. Southern California is brilliant for that.


Of course I never missed a workout. And there’s no reason you should either. I have plenty of hotel workouts on this blog and a ton of workouts in my program that you can do anywhere.


Here’s one of my full body workouts that I squeezed in before heading to the conference room one day…as you are, I was pressed for time and needed to hit every body part quick like…


I needed some kind of active recovery in my workout, so I figured my core could benefit from some planks, so here’s what I did:


12 burpees

30 second plank

11 burpees

30 second plank

10 burpees

30 second plank

Count down to:

1 burpee

30 second plank


(To be honest, I did burpee pull ups because I had access to a pull up bar….feel free to intensify this way if you’re able and/or have access to a pull up bar).


I got started with the workout and realized that it was pretty brutal, no rest, just continuous. This is the sort of thing I often do.


I’ll make the plan, get started and think, ‘Holy poo! What was I thinking?’


But since I’m stubborn as an ox, I make myself continue with the plan.


Feel free to use this workouts when you’re traveling (or not). I’m sure I’ll repeat it when I’m at home  cuz they were clearly smothered in ‘awesome sauce’ (as my buddy Mike Whitfield would say).


You know your comments are always welcome…don’t make me feel like I’m writing to myself here…

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