MY Pull Up-Push Up Scores…

I did a pull up challenge the other day…I was hoping for a few more pull ups that this…

I followed the pull up challenge with a push up challenge, I beat a previous personal best with this one….

The cool thing is, I just got out of bed and decided to do these challenges. I don’t specifically train for volume/quantity, I just include pull ups and push ups in a number of ways in all my workouts. Oh, and if you wonder WHY  I do these sort of challenge workouts, you can read more about that here.

I feel super human fit, especially compared to other people my age. I like that I can take on people half my age and still be competitive (have you noticed that I’m a little on the competitive side? I’m pretty sure this is a blessing and a curse!)

In any case, I challenge you to do your best on pull ups and push ups and then periodically try to beat your score.

For me, since I’m over a year older than I was the last time I actually did the pull up challenge for reps, I figure that I’m way ahead since I beat my score. It was only by one rep, but seriously, who else can say that their fitness level is improving as they approach 50? I’d be pretty happy even matching my score.

Maintaining a high level of fitness is a big accomplishment as we age. I don’t want to sound like a geriatric patient or anything, I’m just being realistic. For all you peeps out there that are 40+, kudos to you for constantly pushing yourself when everyone else our age tends to just go sit down.

Aaand, of course you need my program if you don’t already have it. It’s a safe way to improve your strength and improve YOUR personal best.

One more thing, I’m big on goal setting and here’s a great resource for UNDER A BUCK, for you. It’s from Craig Ballantyne so you know it’s quality…

Craig Ballantyne