Hotel Gym Workout – Six Sets to a Hot Mess

Have I ever introduced you to my biz partner Krista Kokot? She and I share one of my Fit Body Boot Camp locations in our hometown of Calgary, AB. She’s a super cool person and I’m lucky to be sharing a biz with my BFF.


What’s cool about Krista is that she used to be my assistant, then my trainer and now, because she has such passion and drive to help others, we formed a biz together. Now she’s helping a ton of people and our biz together is less than a year old.

We’re in Costa Mesa, California for something called Fitness Summit. The hotel is FULL of fitness pros, aka beautiful people. As you’ll see, Krista is one of them. She’s totally transformed her body from the time we started working together. She’s a walking, talking billboard proving that the stuff I teach you on the blog and in my fitness boot camps works.

Earlier in the day, I spoke at the Fit Body Boot Camp World conference. I was honored to share the stage with Alywn Cosgrove. If you don’t know him, he’s the biggest fitness geek around. He can quote study after study on fat loss and training and anything fitness. In fact, in his presentation he quoted a study that was released just yesterday – talk about cutting edge stuff! He’s got the biggest heart, and he’s the nicest person you’d ever want to meet.

He was followed on stage by my mentor and fitness guru, Craig Ballantyne.

All good stuff.

I was thankful I preceded these dudes…they’re def a hard act to follow.

After sitting in the conference, Krista and I hit the gym. There we found my handsome good friend, John Romaniello (Roman). I pumped him up telling him that he’s a fav piece of eye candy on my blog. He’s a major player in the fitness biz with awesome programs like Final Phase Fat Loss and Intermittent Fasting.

So here we all are, a hot sweaty mess:IMG_2132


The purpose of this blog was to share a workout that Krista and I did, so here goes…

We chose six exercises and did 30 seconds of each with a 5 second transition. We repeated all six exercises for a total of 5 times. This was a killer workout we got done in less than 30 minutes.


Skipping (1 min, so two of the intervals)



Bulgarian split squat weak leg

Bulgarian split squat strong leg



Push ups



Stiff legged deadlifts



Stability ball plank OR Burpees (you know how I love burpees so I had to add these!)



We finished up with a bit of stretching, a shower and then we found some equally beautiful people to have dinner with.

Hey, it’s a tough life hanging around these fitness pros, but someone has to do it…

Oh, and if you want to transform your body the way my beautiful biz partner did, try my program at home and you’ll surprise yourself with how quickly you tighten and tone up.

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