Quick Intervals to Do At Home

Do you need a quick full body workout to do at home?


This is a great workout for you. It’s got 12 exercises that you can do pretty much in your living room with only a set of dumb bells. You’ll need a timer or some sort, unless you’re going to follow along with the video.

Here are the exercises:


  • weighted squat

  • burpee (jack)

  • push up/row

  • bicycle crunch

  • get up (tricep overhead press)

  • mountain climber

  • lateral lunge

  • squat press

  • stiff legged deadlifts

  • DB row strong arm

  • DB row weak arm

  • stationary sprint


You’ll see in the video that the timing is 30 seconds of work with a 5 second transition. In my fitness boot camp, we repeated this set four times:


  •  Set 1: 45 seconds work/5 seconds transition

  • Set 2: 35 seconds work/5 seconds transition

  • Set 3: 30 seconds work/5 seconds transition

  • Set 4: 25 seconds work/5 seconds transition


We took less than a minute between each set of 12 exercises, just enough to grab a drink of water and catch our breath.


You can repeat the workout up to four times (as presented in the video) or do your own timing (as presented above). The key is to go from one exercise to the next with no down time. That’s the reason I give a 5 second transition time. If you don’t do that, then you’ll cut into the next set of work getting organized and set up (eg. going from the floor to standing or vice versa).


This is a great way to train. You work all the major muscle groups: upper body, core, lower body and you get some HIIT in the workout as well. This is a much better choice than getting on the treadmill for the same amount of time and plodding away.