Fashion Flash

I love being part of an amazing group of bloggers and look forward to reading their weekly fab fashion and beauty advice. Here’s a roundup of their best posts this week:

female fat loss over 40

Une femme shares some random musings about fragrance, and divulges some of her current favorites.

Procedures like lasers and injectables have become nearly commonplace. Fab Over Forty wonders how safe are Medispas?

Getting fat? Cranky? Lost your mojo? Find out if YOU are in one of the stages of menopause and what to do about it.

“Stripes make you look fat, don’t they?  See how The Glam Gals weigh in over at Fabulous After 40.”

The newest plus size model to show the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes is Kaela Humphries.

This week Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog has something to smile about.

Your metabolism is like your body’s inner personal trainer. It works 24 hours a day using calories as fuel to give your body the energy it needs. Jackie Silver from gives you five quick tips for boosting your metabolism.

And from me? Here’s a quick workout for home or travel from female over forty fat loss expert, Shawna K.