Do You Dare? Airport Workout

If you find yourself in need of a workout, this travel workout will do the trick. And if you’re afraid of what others think of you doing your ‘thang’ out in public, well, just get over yourself. Most people will probably think you’re pretty cool for having the motivation to move where others just sit.


Travel days can get long, especially when I have layovers. If I can’t get a ‘traditional’ workout in, I opt for a quickie. I feel more energized all day long when I do this and I can think more clearly as I tap away on my laptop once I board the plane.


I was returning from California from a Fit Body Boot camp meeting where I helped get other trainers ready to kick some boot camp a$$ in their respective locations all over the USA.


Now you’d think I’d be a bit shy and well behaved in an airport, given my trip down to Cali a few days prior. Turns out Border Services thought it’d be cool to detain me for two hours while they asked me a ton of questions. Not cool, but the good news is I got into the country. I’m not the security or employment risk they think I am. I’m fully transparent upon questioning; next time maybe I won’t be as honest…


Anyway, on with the workout…

I always travel with my beloved skipping rope and my timer. Lucky for me as I started this little workout, I spotted a beam just low enough that I could jump up to fairly easily.


I asked a nice normal looking lady to snap a few pics to show that I really did this workout in the airport.


I set the timer as such:


This is 30 seconds of work with a 5 second transition for 20 sets.







Push up




Pull up



Bodyweight squat









Repeat four times for just over 10 minutes of airport fun. I actually would have liked to repeat this circuit a few more times, but my plane was taking off. As much as I like airports, I like leaving them best.


By the way, if you don’t have a timer, count your reps. I tried to keep my reps as such:


  • 60 skips
  • 25 push ups
  • 10 pull ups (it took a few seconds to get up and down from the rafter)
  • 25-30 squats
  • 30 second count holding a plank



If you don’t have anything to hang from, as is often the case, or if you’re not ready for a pull up, I’d do two sets of skipping. Honestly, I did this my first set until I discovered the rafter: skip, skip, push up, squat, plank.


This was a fun lil workout for me. Don’t think you need to head to an airport to do it, feel free to do it in your living room, or anywhere you find yourself in need of a quick workout.


Exercise can be totally ‘out of the box’; all you need to do is use your imagination. There’s no reason why you can’t find 15-30 minutes daily to move. I have a ton of mini workouts here on my blog and in my program. I don’t buy anyone’s excuse that they ‘don’t have time’ to exercise.


Here are a few things to ask yourself…if you can cut down on any of these, you have time to exercise:


  • How much television do you watch?
  • How much time do you spend on Facebook?
  • How much time do you spend on the computer reading silly emails, entertainment sites or on shopping sites etc? (Basically doing nothing useful online.)
  • How often do you find yourself at kids sports or lessons where you have to wait around but not really watch what they’re doing?


These are just four simple examples of times where you could squeeze in a little exercise.


I’m onto you, I won’t accept the ‘no time’ excuse so stop giving yourself permission to accept it. Use this workout as a template or search my blog for others like this airport workout, or this hotel workout and promise yourself to move a minimum of four days a week.


You’ll thank me in the end, even if you think I’m a little on the crazy side for making a scene in a public place. (I did it for you…)


Oh, and if you want to learn how to do a pull up, it’s totally possible. I’m getting awesome feedback from my pull up program that many of you will enjoy.


You can check it out here.


Check out what these ladies had to say about it:


It’s working!

Workout #1: pull up pretest I could move my body a few inches

Workout #4: I got my forehead up to the bar

Yaah 😉

Shawna I love this program, my weights are also heavier by workout #4. Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for!

Collette P (Calgary, AB)



I’ve never been able to do more than 3 pull ups consecutively. Well, I only just purchased your program and with just a few tricks

and tips, my pullup already increased by 1! I did 4 the other day and although #4 was hard , I did it. Now I want

to be able to do 4 effortlessly and add #5!

Thanks! April


Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever sneaked in a workout? Was it something that you regretted? I doubt it. You’ll never regret taking time out for fitness.



Never miss a workout with my travel workout plans. You’ll get 20 ‘done for you’ easy to follow workouts HERE.

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