‘Take Away One’ Pull Up Challenge

pull up challenge


As if I don’t have enough fun ways to do pull ups, here’s another great rep scheme that you can use for pull ups or burpees, or any of your ‘favorite’ movements.

I hate counting reps.

challenge workout

I do a lot of timed sets using my Gymboss timer. I can be seen in airports, hotel rooms, parking lots, all over with my skipping rope and timer. In fact, once in a hotel room, a friend was stopping by to drop something off and they knew exactly where my room was because they could hear the beep down the hall. They knocked and sure enough I was in the middle of a hotel workout and my timer was keeping me on pace.

Sometimes I’d rather time my entire set than do timed sets. By this I mean sets like: ‘how long does it take to do 50 pull ups?‘ sort of thing. This gives me a sense of urgency and a goal. It also helps me set a target for the next time I do my workout. I can shoot to beat that number.

If you haven’t figured me out, I’m all about competition and beating myself. I’m not out to beat you so much (well, actually I am, but realistically I know that there’s always someone out there that’s stronger, faster, more fit etc. so I try not to get too bent on beating the world at everything).

challenge workouts

So this workout format is a fun one.

Set your timer…

Start with 10 reps of pull ups (or any movement for that matter). Knock them out. Rest as little as possible.

Do 9 reps, rest as little as possible.

Do 8 reps…7 reps…6 reps…

Got it?

In the end, you’ll have done 55 reps. What’s your time?

The first time I did this workout my time was 3:58. I sort of paced myself and gave a bit more rest time because I thought I’d totally die. There’s a time for us both to beat. Let us know here on the blog!

Oh, and you need my program to get your first or your 55th pull up, cuz there are 55 pull ups in this workout. You’ll also improve your push ups and you’ll get a body weight module and you can get a burpee program too (cuz everyone loves burpees!)

PS. Try this workout with burpees, low cable row, squats, what ever your heart desires…