Another Hotel Workout

Looking for a quick workout that you can do at home or while traveling?


I decided to train in my room while traveling recently because when I went to the fitness center I found three treadmills and a recumbent bike – nothing that interests me. I always wonder who’s job it is to equip hotel gyms. Really, why bother making my way to this crowded little area of useless (to me), when I had a chair and the same amount of space in the entrance to my room?


I can make a workout out of thin air and I always travel with my jump rope and timer. I was at a Fit Body Boot Camp meeting in California, I had a busy day of teaching and some filming for a video promotion ahead, so I knew the hotel workout would be all I could manage for the day.


The burpee was a no-show in this workout due to the fact that my hamstring is just starting to be on better terms with me. I got a little too much of a good thing when I was doing 50 burpees/day, I’ve had to back off for the last couple weeks. On another day, I’ll be sure to add burpees to the set.


Here’s the workout. I apologize for the fact that I’m headless for lots of it. I used a tripod since I was rooming alone and was in a rush to get to the meeting….


This workout had the following:

  • Jump rope (do burpees or jumping jacks if you don’t have a jump rope)

  • Squat

  • Pulsing squat

  • (Optional burpee set for extra credit!)

  • Bulgarian split squat (weak leg)

  • Bulgarian split squat (strong leg)

Repeat 4-6 times through.


I did 30 seconds of work with 5 seconds to transition to the next exercise.


If you don’t have a timer, do the following:

  • 60 skips

  • 25 squats

  • 30 second count of pulsing squats

  • (optional 10 burpees for extra credit)

  • 20 Bulgarian split squats

  • 20 Bulgarian split squats

Take as little rest as possible between exercises and sets if you don’t have a timer.


My pal, Mike Whitfield has lots of similar workouts he calls ‘workout finishers’. Honestly, if you do a few of his finishers, even one when you’re pressed for time, your body will be ‘finished’.


Did I mention that Mike lost 100+ lbs doing these sorts of workouts? What I love about workout finishers is that they’re so simple to understand and set up, and so effective at fat burning.


Pretty cool stuff.


Don’t just look at this video, I hope you DO this workout when you’re traveling or when you’re stuck somewhere with a small space and a chair and a desire to burn a little fat….

I love getting your comments on the blog. Lots of you email me directly, but I really appreciate when you comment here so others can benefit and be inspired by your story.


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