How to Get Faster Results with Ab Workout Finishers

What’s an ‘ab workout finisher’?

Remember my pal, Mike Whitfield?

challenge workouts

Well, he sent me this post for you explaining it all…

Take it away Mike:


Shawna and I are like peanut butter and jelly.  Her challenge workouts and my
finishers are like … well … peanut butter and jelly.

challenge workouts

So she was asking me about my new Ab Finishers program, and it reminded me
about this story of one of my friends at my gym.

If you happen to have the Scooby Doo story-telling theme, please play that now…

A friend of mine recently surprised me by saying, “I just worked out,
but I’m going to come back later today and do my cardio because I
have to lose fat faster”.

challenge workouts

She confided in me that she wanted to drop some weight,
especially in her belly,  before “lake season” got here,
because she’s a big fan of going out on her friends’ boat
during the spring and summer.

I then told her that she didn’t have to come back to do any cardio.
In fact, I said, “You know, you can get faster results with a
couple of tweaks and getting here a few minutes sooner … all
without having to do any cardio”.

You should have seen the look on her face. She was puzzled.

Then it hit her.  She knew where I was heading.  “You’re going to talk
about metabolic finishers, aren’t you?”.  I replied with, “well,
duh”.  But I also told her I would look at her program and tweak it
a little bit to improve her results.

There wasn’t any big overhaul needed… just some adjustments.  I
would hate for her to have to learn a whole new program.  That can
be intimidating.  I also wanted to adjust it to where she can focus
on her belly fat, which she was concerned about. She just needed ab
workout finishers.

Fix the Warm-up

challenge workouts

The first thing I asked her about was the way she warmed up.
Unfortunately, she did what most people do, which was hop on the
treadmill for 5-10 minutes watching MTV’s Cribs.  You’re not
missing anything.  It’s a mansion.  There’s a bulldog.  There’s a
pool.  The counter tops are made of gold and the fridge blends in
because it has cabinet doors, too.  The end.

I told her to put in body weight exercises that will better prepare
her body for the workout.  We plugged in Prisoner Squats, Arm
Crosses, Pushups, Planks and more.  This will improve her workout
performance, and due to that, she will burn more calories.  The
warm-up was fixed.

Minor Tweak to Some Exercises

challenge workouts

She actually had a pretty good program going for her.  We just made
some exercises a little tougher.  We replaced the DB Squat with the
DB Split Squat. I like elevating exercises to single limb
movements.  They can be an effective change for fat loss.  Another
thing we looked at was her Incline DB Chest Press.  She was amazed
at the difference it made when doing a 1-Arm DB Incline Chest
Press.  She never knew she could feel her abs work when performing
a chest exercise.

Now the ab exercises – they were pretty rough…the sit-up machine
and DB Side Bends.  I replaced those with Stability Ball Roll outs
and Side Planks w/ Leg Raises.  That would be a big boost to her ab
exercises, working her core more effectively, all without hurting
her back like machines and DB Side Bends can.

The Finish for Better Results

challenge workouts

Knowing she was concerned about her belly fat, I told her to knock
out the cardio.  She was bummed to find out that excessive use of
cardio increases your appetite.  That explained some of the
cravings and munchies she was having.  I told her to incorporate
some metabolic ab finishers after her strength session, which is a
combination of intervals without cardio equipment and effective ab
training to shed belly fat and increase your metabolic rate.  I had
her try this one:

The Swingin’ Core Ab Finisher

Do the following super-set 5 times, resting for 30 seconds between

KB/DB Swings (20)
Alligator Crawl (20 seconds)

  • Heart rate up?  Check.
  • Working the abs and blasting belly fat? Check.
  • Using incomplete recovery for optimal results?  Check.
  • Elevating metabolism so she’ll rock the 2-piece?  Check.

That’s the idea behind an ab finisher – to get the calorie-burning
benefits of a finisher, along with placing in the latest proven ab
exercises to trim the waist.  And needless to say, she was  pleased
to find out that she didn’t have to perform any “2-a-days” by
coming back later in the day and performing cardio.

I told her by using a combination of a good diet, a solid workout
program and using these metabolic ab finishers, she would be all
set when it comes time to hit the lake on the boat.  By using
finishers, she got to save time and spend more time in the waves
drinking a cold one (bottled water… what were you thinking?)

If you’re using metabolic resistance training and you make these
few tweaks to your favorite workout program, you will get faster
results.  It’s actually a pretty easy tweak if you think about it.
Simply leave work about 10 minutes earlier or skip hitting that
snooze button.  Boom?  Boom.

challenge workouts

Mike (Mikey) Whitfield
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Creator, Ab Workout Finishers

Mike definitely has it in the bag when you look at his plan:

  • more fat loss
  • faster results in less time
  • sweet abs as a result


You can check out his program here.