Another Hotel Workout

If you need a travel workout to do in a small space, you’re in luck.

I always wonder who’s job it is to equip hotel gyms. I went to this hotel gym and meant to take a pic for you. But really, what’s so special about three treadmills, a recumbent bike, a small bench and a 50 pound weight stack (with one handle)? Really, why bother making my way to this crowded little area of useless (to me), when I had a chair and the same amount of space in the entrance to my room?

As you may already know, I always travel with my jump rope and timer and I can make a workout out of thin air. I had a busy day of teaching and some filming for a video promotion ahead, so I knew what workout I could do in the morning would likely be it for the day.

Sadly, I couldn’t include my all time favorite body weight fat burner, the burpee, due to the fact that my hamstring is just starting to be on better terms with me. I over did burpees a little and I’m taking a bit of time off from them to make nice-nice with my hamstring. I’d MUCH rather have added some of these metabolism boosting babies into the circuit below and you should feel free to. On another day, I’ll be sure to add burpees to the set.

This little workout had the following:

Jump rope (do burpees or jumping jacks if you don’t have a jump rope)
Pulsing squat
(Optional burpee set for extra credit!)
Bulgarian split squat (weak leg)
Bulgarian split squat (strong leg)

Repeat 4-6 times through.

I did 30 seconds of work with 5 seconds to transition to the next exercise.

If you don’t have a timer, do the following:

60 skips
25 squats
30 second count of pulsing squats
(optional 10 burpees for extra credit)
20 Bulgarian split squats
20 Bulgarian split squats

Take as little rest as possible between exercises and sets if you don’t have a timer.

Take a look at the video below….don’t mind that I’m headless for parts of the video-the hazards of videotaping myself with a sad little tripod when rooming alone.

If you like this style of workout, you’ll love my pal Mike Whitfield’s workouts. He calls them ‘workout finishers’. Honestly, if you do a few finishers, even one when you’re pressed for time, your body will be ‘finished’.

The beauty of workout finishers is that they’re so simple to understand and set up, and so effective at fat burning. Did I mention that Mike lost 100+ lbs doing these sorts of workouts?

Pretty cool stuff.

Hope you enjoy the workout, but more than that, I hope that you DO this workout when you’re traveling or when you’re stuck somewhere with a small space and a chair and a desire to burn a little fat….

Oh, and I just added a body weight module to my Challenge Workout program, you can check it out here.

Let me know how you make out. I love getting your comments on the blog. Lots of you email me directly, but I really appreciate when you comment here so others can benefit and be inspired by your story.

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