Hotel Workout

Whether you’re traveling or stuck at home, there’s always a time when you need a bodyweight workout that you can knock out so you can get on with your day.I was on my way to meet with other trainers in the Fit Body Boot Camp family and wanted to get in a quick workout. I didn’t know what the day would hold, usually there’s lots of movement, but not the HIIT kind. I’m selfish with my workouts and wanted at least 15 minutes of hardcore sweating.

Lots of folks think that you need an hour or more to have a great workout.


It’s not the total time spent in your workout that counts, it’s the intensity and consistency over time that makes all the difference.

So, here’s a quick bodyweight only workout that you can do anywhere. I did it in my hotel room since I was in a hotel with a lousy gym…as is often the case. Many hotels only have treadmills and a stability ball. In fact, since I dislike long slow cardio so much (especially on a treadmill), I’ve done an entire treadmill workout without actually turning the treadmill on.

Here’s your travel workout:

Timing: Set your timer for 45 seconds of work, and 7 seconds transition/rest time. (If you don’t have this kind of timer, just move from one movement to the next with a minimal amount of time).

Push up
Squat jump
Pulsing squat
Bicycle crunch/knee in
Mountain climber
Stick up

Repeat this sequence without rest for as many rounds as you have time for. I did three rounds for just over 20 minutes of heart pounding fat burning. (You’ll notice that there are actually four HIIT movements.)

Super simple workout = Get it done quickly and get on with your day.

Check out ‘Workout Finishers’ as a quickie when you’re traveling as well.