Fashion Flash

female fat loss over 40

I’m heading up the FASHION FLASH with my favorite women bloggers this week. You’ll find all kinds of cool stuff…starting with:



Me! Did you catch my travel workout with ‘eye candy’ Roman? Definitely worth watching the video just to look at him and to see me kick his butt.



Stressed?  Menopausal?  Over 40?  Coping with stress is manageable with a strategy by Staness, creator of The Menopause Makeover.



Are ceramides the secret to beautiful skin?  Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  has the details.




Vogue Italia continues the trend of featuring plus size fashion models in recent issues of its magazine.


Many of us suffer from dry skin, particularly as we age and winter weather can be harsh making our skin drier still.  Fab Over Forty shares with us her results with the Bobbi Brown Extra skincare line for soothing dry, irritated  skin.


Do you have “resistant” grays? There’s a new hair color product to the rescue and Jackie Silver from has the scoop.


If the eyes are the windows of the soul, are eyebrows the window frames? Une femme d’un certain age gives threading a try.


11 genius V-Day gifts for the man in your life from FabOverFifty.



Want to look alluring but age appropriate for a romantic night out on Valentine’s Day? The Glam Gals tell you how at Fabulous after 40.