Skip Off with John Romaniello

I was at a fitness meeting with a big group of fitness pros in Vegas recently. It’s a ton of fun to rub elbows with these peeps and bash around fitness ideas.


I’m happy to report that I’m always mistaken for younger than I actually am. This, no doubt, is due to the fact that I have a clean nutrition plan and a solid exercise program that I adhere to pretty religiously.


I’ve always wondered how I’d stack up against a muscle head in a strength/HIIT workout. I like to think I’m pretty tough and so I challenged my pal John Romaniello to a mini workout.


We got kicked out of the gym for video taping (go figure), so we had to find a space and a body weight workout that we could do together. We found a patch of grass by the pool.


It’s a real quickie, but a good one.

We did a descending set of jump rope and push ups:


1 min of jump rope…..1 min of push ups
45 sec of jump rope….45 sec of push ups
30 sec of jump rope….30 sec of push ups
15 sec of jump rope….15 sec of push ups

You can figure who kicked whose butt in this little challenge.

I’ll tell you that Roman may have slowed down a little in the workout, but he runs circles around me when it comes to nutrition and intermittent fasting. Stay tuned for more info on some cool stuff from him.


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