Have You Heard of Workout Finishers?

I know I love pull ups and you’ve been introduced to finishers with my pal, Mike Whitfield.


Now I don’t want you to say, “I can’t do pull ups so I can’t do this workout!”. You can definitely do this workout and swap out one of the exercises below if you want:


  • assisted pull ups or jump pull ups
  • bent over DB rows
  • alternate single arm rows (do the weak side first, then the strong side)



There’s a funny story about this video. We did it the last time we were in Vegas  together. This is in the gym that we were soon kicked out since we didn’t have ‘permission’ to video in there. As you’ll see, there was no one else in the shot and there was only one other person making a racket on the treadmill behind a pillar. Not sure what the issue about filming was, but we were able to sneak in this video and another one you’ll see posted soon.



Thankfully the management had the courtesy to wait until after Mike and I were done the finisher to tell us to stop taping. I wasn’t about to repeat this workout because as the name implies, I was ‘finished’ after it was done. This official looking dude asked if we had permission to film in the gym, I was all for just saying ‘yes!’, but Mike, Liz DiAlto and Roman (John Romaniello) thought that honesty was the best policy (really?). Mike and Roman proceeded to the office to get the aforementioned ‘permission’. Whilst that was happening, Liz and I did another video for you, stay posted for that one coming up.



Here’s the cool finisher workout (in the video below) that includes pull ups (or swap out a different back movement). Our friend, Liz, filmed the video for us on her camera and as you’ll see, you’ll have to look sideways for the actual workout. (We’re sending her to videography lessons!) So apologies for the kink in your neck…but you’ll get the point of the workout even if you watch it sideways.



Here’s the format of the workout:
10 pull ups…10 goblet squats (we used 25 lbs)
9 pull ups…..9 goblet squats
8 pull ups…..8 goblet squats
….1 pull up….1 goblet squat


Rest as little as possible.


Do this with a friend and alternate exercises.


workout finishers

Mike has a ton of great workout finishers for you.


Like you, he may not be the king of pull ups, but he’s definitely the king of finishers.


You’ll be interested to know that the finishers he developed helped him melt off the last 30 lbs of the 100+ lbs he’s lost and kept off. Mike showed me his drivers license of when he was heavy, and I didn’t even recognize him. (If you click this link you’ll see him before he lost 100+ lbs.) Those finishers really worked for him, and they can work for you with your fitness and fat loss goals.


Aaand, you’ll be relieved to know that Mike’s finishers don’t include a ton of pull ups…but if you want to learn how to do pull ups, you can head to my pull up program to learn how to do them even if you can’t do one right now.