12 Healthy Tips for 2012



nut changes Real food 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012

I run fitness boot camps and I like to provide my campers with great information to help them meet their fitness and fat loss goals. To this end, we did a conference call with my ‘go to’ nutritionist, Danielle Cobbet from Simply for Life.


I know you love challenge workouts, but they get a ton easier when you have less flub to move around. Even though many of you can’t participate in my boot camp, you can still benefit from the info I provide to my clients.Whether you’re training in boot camp, a gym or your basement, eating habits need to be dialed in to get the most out of your workouts.


Here’s the download link so that you can listen in on the call.


In summary, here are the points that we discussed:


1. Breakfast

  • Eating within 20 min of waking up increases metabolic rate right away

  • Breakfast helps to ensure you don’t fall off the nutritional wagon by 10 am

  • Variety of breakfast – shakes, egg whites, greek yogurt, oatmeal



nut changes yogurt 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


2. Add more veggies

  • Increase to 4 cups/day

  • Try new veggies



Nut Changes peppers 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


3. Be aware of sugar intake

  • Look for sugar content when reading labels!

  • Look for  <10 g of sugar/serving

  • 2 tsp of sugar (<10 g)/serving is an acceptable sugar content

  • Sugar consumption compromises the immune system



nut changes sugar 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


4. Eat more probiotics

  • Probiotics boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, helps with lactose intolerance, helps those who suffer from IBS

  • Probiotics are live bacteria

  • Recommended amount is 40 billion active bacteria/day

  • Good sources include: yogurt, miso soup, fermented milk, kefir (a type of yogurt)

  • Store in probiotics in the fridge

  • A good Canadian brand is Bio K (found at Super store in capsules or liquid form)



nut changes probiotic 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


5. Increase fiber

  • Try to have 30 g/day

  • Benefits include: feeling fuller longer, stable blood sugar levels, regular bowels

  • Great sources include: 2 kiwi, increased veggies, whole grains vs whole wheat, flax seed, chia seed



Nut Changes eat more fiber 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


6. Eat coconut

  • It is a short chain saturated fat

  • For 1.5 oz  you’ll get 14 g fiber

  • It’s a great snack idea that’s very portable and easy to pack

  • Coconut water is a good elecrolyte replacement drink (but beware of liquid calories)

  • Recommended product is found at Costco (dried $10/bag)



nut changes coconut 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


7. Eat more dark chocolate icon smile 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012

  • Dark chocolate is one of the highest anti oxidant food on the planet

  • Look for 85% cacao or higher

  • It can be bitter (start at 65% to 70% to work up to 85%)

  • 1 oz is a good snack to kill chocolate craving

  • Very easy to over eat chocolate so make sure to pre portion



nut changes dark chocolate 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


8. Eat more fish

  • Brilliant source of omega 3’s found  in cold water fish

  • Great examples include sole, halibut, salmon

  • Expose kids to fish early on to help them develop a taste for fish

  • Eat wild fish not farmed when possible

  • Stay tuned for an update from Danielle on high mercury fishes



nut changes eat more fish 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


9. Get your Vitamin D supplement

  • Helps with a variety of things including weight loss and disease prevention

  • Most people in northern climates are deficient in vitamin D from Oct to May

  • Health practitioners won’t even test because deficiency is so prevelent

  • Recommended daily dose is 2000 IUD for adults

  • Milk drinkers can supplement with 1000 IUD/day


nut changes sun 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


10. Drink red wine icon smile 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012

  • Great health benefits!

  • Melbac is a great choice because it’s lower in sugar

  • Argentinian and French wines are best

  • European wines have less pesticides and sugar so can be a good choice too

  • Limit American wines

  • Limit consumption if weight loss is a goal since 4 oz  is 70 calories


Nut Changes wine 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


11. Reduce  processed foods

  • Shop on the perimeter of grocery store

  • Eat more natural foods, or foods as close to nature as possible

  • Look for less chemicals and preservatives

  • Be aware of advertising and marketing, not all claims are correct

  • Read ingredient list on all foods and learn how to interpret labels

  • Try to find foods with ingredients you can pronounce, if a 3rd grader can’t pronounce the ingredients it’s likely not a good choice

  • Eat out less

  • Eat home cooked meals so you know what you’re eating



nut changes real food 2 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


12. Get prepared

  • Plan your meals in advance

  • Cook in batches

  • Keep nutrition ‘top of mind awareness’ versus an after thought


nut changes 12 Nutritional Changes for 2012


If you live in the Calgary area, check out Simply for Life. It’s a great resource and support for those of you that may need that extra push. The phone number is 403-220-9306


Again, you can listen in on the conversation with my nutritionist and take away 12 tips to help you get 2012 dialed in nutritionally. Click this link to listen.