Sprint – 50 Burpee Pull Up Challenge

I got this challenge workout in my head and I couldn’t get it out. Why do I do this to myself?

burpee pull up challenge

I’ve done the pull up challenge, I’ve done the burpee challenge, I’ve even done the 100 burpee pull up challenge, why not do a 50 burpee pull up sprint?






burpee pull up challenge

Well, good sense perhaps?

I seem to be woefully short in this department at times.

One of my challenges was to find a bar that was the proper height. As you may have noticed in the 100 burpee pull up challenge I didn’t have the right height of pull up bar, one was too high, one was too low.

burpee pull up challenge

I’m not terrifically tall, and I don’t have super human vertical, especially after doing a burpee, so I had to find a bar that was a jump, but not too high out of reach.

Of course if I want to increase the intensity of this workout, I’ll look for a higher bar-but I won’t look too hard…this was a challenge enough. Seriously I thought I’d lose my lunch for sure.

As it turned out, I did this challenge in a gym that I’ve been training at, but the requirement was that for any videotaping I needed to be tape after 9 pm. After I had done seven videos when my trusty super assistant, Teresa asked if there was anything we could do in the last 10 minutes before the gym closed.

I had this challenge in the back of my mind, but didn’t want to bring it up since I’m not at my best at 10 pm. You see, I get up at 4:23 am every day (I have this wake up time down to a science) to either run my fitness boot camp or get to work on other projects. By 10 pm I’m usually in a deep coma like sleep.

Somehow I let it slip that I’d been meaning to do this challenge and Teresa wouldn’t let me back down. (Easy for her behind the camera!)

I didn’t want to think about it too much because just the thought of this one made me want to hurl. So we just set up and I started.

I got to rep 15 and tried to figure out how I could actually stop the challenge but morph the video so it ‘looked’ like I did it. I was in a heap of pain already and I had 35 more reps to go.

burpee pull up challenge









You can watch the video to see that I made it through to rep 16 and beyond:

It turns out the challenge gets a little ugly. Once lactic acid sets in I’m about to hork my lungs on the floor, I sort of forget to be lady-like. There’s no lady-like with some challenges…

My strategy:

I like to break the set up in my head so I’m not overwhelmed with the number of reps ahead of me. I planned on doing 10 reps at a time. I knew I had to keep the pace up for this challenge. In the past for the 100 burpee pull up challenge, I did 20 reps per set, but didn’t work on speed so much. Just having the number 10 in my head helped because I figured I can do 10 reps of anything. I didn’t think about the next 40 reps, just the 10 in front of me.

Then I like to record how long each set takes. I don’t record my rest time since I don’t have the brain power to do the math at that point. I get a rough estimate of how long each set of 10 takes me. It looked like this:burpee challenge workout

10 reps: 51 seconds
20 reps: 2 min
30 reps: 3:19
40 reps: 4:42
50 reps: 6:11

I should note that while I’ve been incorporating burpee pull ups into my workouts, I’ve never done 50 in a row for speed before. Sort of dumb to do it for a camera first time out…

Now that I’ve done this challenge once, I have a number to beat. I love challenging myself to beat my time.

How about you? Are you ready for the 50 burpee pull up challenge? Would love for you to add your time to the comment section.

Oh by the way, if you’re working on your first pull up, click here.


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