How to Do a Modified Burpee Pull Up

If you’ve been following my blog then you know that I’ve been doing lots and lots of burpees.

burpee pull ups

I love burpees.
Then I discovered the burpee pull up.

Can it get any better? (Yes! Stay tuned for a one up on the burpee pull up…)

I know the burpee and the pull up are really challenging so I wanted to give you some modifications for them. I also want to give you some modifications to put the modified burpee and pull up together for a modified burpee pull up.

First of all, let’s talk about the burpee:


burpee pull up
There are three ways to modify, you take out the push up and you eliminate the double foot hop out and eliminate the jump. For the full on burpee you do a push up when you put your hands to the floor, but for the modified burpee you’re going to just do a high plank. As well, instead of hopping both feet back into the plank position, you’re going to put your hands down, walk the feet out, stay up on your hands in a high plank position, walk the feet back in and stand up.

The progression goes like this: hands down, walk out one foot out, walk the other foot out to a plank, then walk both feet in one at a time and stand up and put your hands up. Eventually you can add the jump. This a great modified burpee. As you progress, you can add a push up on the knees, the two foot hop out and the jump. When you add a level of difficulty you can do it one at a time, not all at once.

Next is the modified pull up.

There are a couple ways to modify the pull up. First of all, there’s the jump pull up and also the assisted pull up, (both of them are assisted pull ups).

For the jump pull up, what you’re going to do is you’re going to find a bar that’s fairly low. You’re going to just jump up so that your chin is over the bar and then slowly lower yourself down. This is going to work the eccentric contraction which is the strength building portion of the movement.

burpee pull up

If this is too difficult, which it will be for the beginner is to do the totally assisted pull up. You can keep your feet on the floor and assist yourself, or step on a bench and then slowly lower yourself down to work the eccentric contraction.

To do the modified burpee pull up, you can just put together the modified burpee and then add a modified pull up as described here.



Here’s a video where I demonstrate these modifications:

I love love love the burpee pull up and you will too.

burpee pull up

Give yourself strategies to achieve this challenge. You’ll surprise yourself at how quickly you’ll progress to getting the full on burpee pull up when you have a plan of attack.



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