Which Way to the Beach?

I took my kids on a pre-Christmas trip to California. Last year we came to Cali and experienced the most rain that the state had received in about 10 years, (thank you very much Mother Nature). Even so, we decided to make what will be an annual trip to California and enjoy better weather.


 2011 Torrential Rain Christmas Holiday

2011 turned out to be a great start to the tradition.


Who has teenagers out there? Is it me, or are they much like toddlers? A lot of fun, but a lot of work. Talk about a challenge. Teenage boys tend to love to embarrass their teenage sisters by making farting noises in public. This of course is much more fun when said sister goes into hysterics asking him to stop.  Teenage girls love to shop, especially at places like Victoria’s Secret, an ideal location to make said farting noises by said, now bored out of his mind, teenage boy. And so the cycle goes…



Nuff said about that…


I asked the kids what they wanted to do in Cali, and although theme parks are a ton of fun, they wanted some ocean fun.


Our plan on Venice Beach was to try our hands at surfing. I needed to get a workout in quickly in the morning before the kids got too mobile. (The good thing about teenagers is that they like to sleep in.)


I rarely (as in never) have done a workout on a real beach, so this was a great opportunity.


I headed out with my timer and imagination. I wanted to find somewhere to hang out, literally, I wanted to be able to add pull ups to my workout.


Take a look at the video here:

Here’s the workout described in the video:


Do AMRAP style, that is ‘as many rounds as possible’ in a 20-25 minute period.


25 squat jumps

20 push ups

15 full burpees

10 pull ups

rest 30 seconds

Repeat over again (as many times before your 20-25 minute time is up).


I mentioned in the video that if you don’t have anywhere to do pull ups, or assisted pull ups you can eliminate this part of the workout. Or if you have a wall around, you could do stick ups, or if you have any dumb bells, or tubing you could substitute with some rows.


The key with this workout is to get as much work done as possible in the short amount of time allotted and then hit the beach! (Or do what ever else floats your boat, whether you’re on a beach or in your living room.)



For us, after surfing, we rented bikes and went from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica pier. It was three hours of pedaling and enjoying the sites. Believe me, there were some crazy things to see, especially on Venice Beach.


This was an awesome trip this year. We’ll definitely be back to perfect our surfing form and get some California sunshine.


By the way, I’m sorry for taking away ALL EXCUSES for not training.


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