How to Do 10 Chin Ups

I want to talk about how to get 10 chin ups.


You might go to the chin up bar and get as many as you can and then you just end up failing.



One way to increase your chin ups is to use the lat pull down machine if you have access to one. First of all, let me clarify the difference between a pull up and a chin up. A pull up is an overhand grip and a chin up is an underhand grip. The chin up allows the biceps to fire and help out a little more.

If you want to increase your chin ups, then you want to be doing an underhand grip on any pulling movement. You will be using your bicep more when you’re doing the chin up, but you really want to be able to isolate the back as well. Your back is a much much stronger muscle than the bicep.





When I go to the gym I see a lot of people using the lat machine incorrectly. I want to tell you the proper position to get into on the lat pull down machine so that you’ll isolate your back muscles more effectively:


• Grab the bar about a shoulder width apart

• Brace yourself by putting your knees under the pads.

• You don’t want to be too vertical and you don’t want to be leaning back too far, you just want to be lifting the chin up, eyes up to the top of the bar.

• Bring the bar down to your chest and then slowly let the bar come back up.

• Let the shoulder blades move away from the spine so you’re getting a full stretch and then pull the bar down again.

• You don’t want to have flexion/extension at the hip.

• You want to keep the back in a nice position where you’re slightly arched and that chest is lifted up.



My suggestion is to do your chin ups first on the bar then do some assisted chin ups. When you can’t get any more chin ups on the bar, move to the lat pull down machine and try some underhand pull downs with the lat pull down machine.



This is how to do 10 chin ups.