What Makes You Fat?

What really makes you fat?

what makes you fat?


We all do challenge workouts to get a great workout and to push our limits. But let’s not kid ourselves here. Another great bonus of challenging workouts is that the more fit I am, the better I look in my jeans. So, along with challenging workouts, I  need to pay attention to what I’m eating.


A great friend of mine always said, ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’…so with that in mind, I thought I’d give you some nutritional tips.


Do you know some one who can eat none stop and not gain an ounce? Life is unfair. Many people think that it’s just too many calories that make you fat, but that can’t be the case entirely.


Does eating dietary fat make you fat? It’s a well known fact that fat is necessary for brain and nerve function and a variety of other bodily functions. It’s not exclusively dietary fat that makes you fat.



fat sources What Makes You FAT?



Could too much protein be the culprit? Protein is a wonder macro-nutrient that actually speeds up thermogenesis which is your body’s own fat-burning heat factory. Another bonus is it also blunts your appetite so you naturally eat less.

So, no, protein definitely will not make you fat.



protein What Makes You FAT?

Are you ready for the number one reason people get fat?


It’s when they have elevated insulin levels.


Insulin is the main culprit for shuttling those excess calories into junk in your trunk.

junk in the trunk What Makes You FAT?

Elevated insulin levels are the result when you indulge in high glycemic carbohydrates (sugar!) especially. In fact, even ‘healthy carbs’ will spike insulin levels .


unhealthy carbs 1 What Makes You FAT?

Believe me, I’m not preaching a low carb or no carb diet. I’ve never felt worse or more stupid when I tried a low/no carb diet. Carbohydrates are needed for brain function and I felt like I have cotton for brains when I consumed only protein and fat. I’m all for low glycemic fruits and as much as you can eat veggies.


I suggest cutting back on ‘white’ carbs especially as the day wears on, things such as breads, potatoes, pasta, rice, crackers, cookies…all the starchy yummy carbs that are easy to eat and pack in your purse.


bad carbs 2 229x300 What Makes You FAT?

As the day progresses, it’s more likely that you body will convert starchy carbs into storage, that is, you’ll get fatter eating starchy carbs later in the day. This is why the best time to eat starchy carbs is earlier in the day when your body has time to use those carbohydrates as energy and you’re not insulin resistant.


The lesson to be learned is this:


  • Starchy carbs are best eaten for breakfast

  • Have more veggies at the evening meal

  • Starchy carbs should be avoided before bed

  • Don’t eat carbohydrate exclusively (read the next point…)

  • It’s best to have some protein, or even healthy fat when eating carbs to reduce the spike of insulin that is a result of eating carbs.

  • This slows stomach emptying as well and you are satiated for longer periods of time.


So a great ‘defense’ to weight gain is to follow these simple rules…and get some heart pounding and metabolism boosting exercise in each day.