100 Burpee Challenge

Well, here I am, again with my new love: the burpee.


I can tell you that my beloved burpee wasn’t so beloved after this 8 min workout.


I timed how long it takes to do 20 burpees. This is so I can help myself count, find out how much I’m slowing down and it’s really the only way for me to mentally tackle 100 burpees…20 at a time:


  • 20 burpees: 1:14

  • 40 burpees:running clock at 2:51 (1:37 for this set )

  • 60 burpees: running clock at 4:37 (1:46 for this set)

  • 80 burpees: running clock at 6:36 (1:59 for this set)

  • 100 burpees: running clock at 8:08 (1:32 for this set)


And on a side note,  for all those that are just starting to do burpees, here’s part of an email a good friend sent me after his first attempt at 100 burpees:


Burpees are stupid!


Had never done a one and I got to 62 in 7:13 before stopping. The first. 20 or so were text book. The next ten looked ok if you squinted.


The following 20 could only be described as a guy falling to the ground and then getting back up – only to fall again.


The final ten or so: Ugly. Quads were cramping. Heart was threatening a heart attack. Lungs were on fire and all I wanted to do was take a hammer to one of the three cars in my garage where I train.

So all in all 62 burpees in 7 and a half minutes. I’ll build up to it.

(Where’s a video camera when you need one??)

In any case, don’t be discouraged over my beloved burpee…keep at them, they do get easier.


Peace, love and burpees!


PS. For more burpee lovin ideas, you can head here