The Truth about the ‘Shawna 24/7’ Coaching Program

I love helping my coaching clients. I find it immensely satisfying to be able to be part of a lifestyle transformation. My clients do all the work, but the seem to give me the credit. Seems like a good gig to me!

I thought I’d share the answers from my coaching client, Sara. These are unedited by the way, published with her permission.

A big ‘THANK YOU to Sara for getting amazing results and for your willingness to share her experience with you.

24/7 coaching

1. Why did you try the Shawna24/7 program?

I decided to try the 24/7 program because I had just completed the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program and already seen great results. I wanted to capitalize on that strong start and raise my fitness bar. I contacted you (Shawna) in the first place about your programs because I liked your blog (which, as I told you, I discovered through the Fashion Flash) and was inspired to see what you would propose workout-wise.


2. What was the biggest benefit?

It’s hard to say what the biggest benefit was, there have been so many. From losing fat, going down two pants sizes, feeling stronger, having better posture, learning so much about food and what makes me feel healthy…the list goes on! And, doing your program made me realise (unlike any gym experience) what I was capable of. The personal attention of having you there every day made me feel special and I also worked harder because I didn’t want to let you down – so it was very motivating, as well.


3. What did you enjoy the most?

What I enjoyed the most was our 2 telephone chats and our skyping. It was nice to be able to ask you anything without feeling like I was bothering you or asking stupid questions. That was important for me, since I’ve never been “athletic” and have always felt like it was an area of life that didn’t really belong to me. You invited me into the world of health and fitness with open arms!


4. What did you learn?

I learned so much! I learned what eating well really means…I was so surprised to realise that I had not really been eating the best way for my body. I learned that I can do things with my body that I never would have imagined before (can I hear burpees?). I learned that if I keep doing an exercise, it gets easier and I get stronger and I get visible results. Before I would have just said, “I can’t do that” and not even have tried.


5. What lifestyle changes do you feel you learned and will be able to maintain on your own?

Lifestyle changes include particularly the diet: eating frequent small meals, including protein, avoiding the sugary snacks.


6. What would you change about the program?

I really liked the program just as it was. It would be nice if there were more workout videos. It’s fun to work out “with” you. There were several exercises not in the exercise video file, but I told you about that as we went through the program. It would have been nice if we could have actually talked every Saturday instead of just twice, those chats were very motivating for me.


7. How could I help you more?

I’m not sure how you could have helped me more during the program, you were very available and supportive!


8. Would you recommend the program and why?

I would definitely recommend the program. It was so motivating to have to check in with you every day and report my progress. There was no way I was going to fall behind or drop out when I knew that you were waiting to hear from me. I would also recommend the program because my results were spectacular. I regained the body, strength and energy that I perhaps last had at age 16…not bad for a lady who’s almost 50!

If you’re interested in my coaching program, you can read more about it and see if you qualify here.