Peace, Love and Burpees

Have you ever fallen in love?


I mean really fallen, head over heels?


It’s happened to me.


I’ve fallen in love recently. Let me tell you about him.

Two cartoon cute falling in love fox

I’ve literally fallen to the ground over this guy.


And, I’ve got to say he takes my breath away.


He makes me buckle at the knees.


I get all woozy with butterflies in my stomach at the thought of him.


I’ve been secretly seeing him everyday for the last couple of weeks.

I try to include him into everything I do, and as secret as he and I are, I’ve even been trying to share him with others.


All my friends are jealous of my devotion to him. He never lets me down, he’s like gravity in his consistency.


It looks like a match made in heaven…

burpee18 (2)

My new love’s name starts with a B and out of respect, I sometimes refer to him as mister…


His name is Mr. Burpee.


burpee 16

Sorry to disappoint you. I realize now that this may have sounded like a completely different story line….;)


The truth: I’ve been so enamored by Mister Burpee these last few weeks that I’ve incorporated him into all my workouts. I’ve been doing 50 burpees a day in various combinations. It’s true he literally takes my breath away and has me gasping for air.  He also makes me weak at the knees, and every where else too.  And I always get butterflies at the thought of seeing him and woozy, in fact, even a little sick to my stomach after seeing him, but I look forward to Mister Burpee every day.


burpee 12

I must say that my bum doesn’t always like Mister Burpee. (I’m talking training now….what were YOU thinking?)


burpee18 (1)

I’ve been spending some time rolling and stretching out since the full squat into a jump has my gluts screaming and my hamstrings super tight these days. My boot campers have been less than thrilled with my need to share my love of Mister Burpee with them, but since I told them I felt Mister Burpee was the best glut exercise around, they reluctantly tried some, well, with me barking orders at them, with the hopes that Mister Burpee would do wonders for their backsides.


burpee 11 (2)

Mister Burpee has you covered between the explosive jump from the full squat off the ground back to the push up on the ground, there’s no part of your body Mister Burpee won’t touch.


He’s an all round great love to have.

burpee 15

My latest challenge included Mister Burpee with hill sprints. Given my climate, I figured I’d try to get this one in before the snow starts to fly. As you’ll see in the video, I barely got my workout in before snow threatened. Oddly enough, after the first one or two hill sprints, I was pretty warm.


So this challenge was simple enough (in theory):


  1. Sprint up a hill

  2. Jog down

  3. Do 10 full burpees

  4. Repeat for 10 sets or until you lose your lunch (or both)

  5. A perfect workout to get in 100 burpees and 100 push ups in a short time

This took me just under 15 minutes. I would have preferred my usual hill which is grassy, longer and steeper, but it’s a bike ride away and with the weather such as it was, I couldn’t even convince Desi Dawg to go there with me.


I couldn’t resist sharing one other special moment Mister Burpee and I spent together this week. We did some intervals, but I made myself stick to the rep scheme I had in my head.


Here it is:


  1. 1 min of Jump rope (BTW, Jump rope is another love of mine, but don’t tell Mister Burpee)

  2. 10 sec rest

  3. 1 min of Burpee pull ups (I forced myself to get 10 reps, even if I went over by a few seconds)

  4. 10 sec rest

  5. Repeat this for 10 sets

  6. This is an awesome HIIT/strength workout done in less than 25 minutes.


If you’re up for a challenge, these two workouts will do it for you. And you can modify them easily, by doing the burpee with the high plank instead of the push up. And the hill sprint can be a walk or jog. In the second challenge, you don’t have to do a pull up or push up, just try the burpee and work up.

burpee 17

Do you see how versatile Mister Burpee is? He’s not just a pretty face. He can get along with those just starting out on their fitness journey and he can go toe to toe with the seasoned athlete.


I feel he and I are going to be an item for a long time to come….


If you really like this challenge, I have a ton of other challenges for you. It’s another program that I’m working on and I’d love to have you to visit the page, give me your feedback and get the free report there to help you with your push ups.