I Challenge YOU!

If you’re on this blog, then it’s safe to say that you’re looking for a challenge workout of some sort.

I love a challenge and will try most anything (within reason).

challenge workout

Okay, not quite anything, let’s narrow it down to workouts…

I have years and years of training experience behind me and if a workout looks like a physical challenge with out too much risk of injury, then I’m up for it.

I have to say that I see some challenging workouts that are idiotic and seem to have no foreseeable purpose or benefit.

challenge workout

I want my workouts to help me build on my fitness level whether it’s building strength, aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity or whatever.

I’m not interested in doing moronic moves.

News You should know that I train at home in my garage and have trained at home for about 15 years. I have no one there to impress.

home gym

In fact, I didn’t even think what I did in the gym was moderately impressive until I started traveling three years ago and I started training in public gyms. It was the people I go to conferences and masterminds with, all top-notch trainers, that pointed out that I was a bit of an anomaly in terms of fitness.

I guess I just assumed that many people had a similar strength and fitness level as me. It wasn’t until I had a chance to see what other people, women in particular, were doing in the gym that I could see that I was different.

In fact, this is how this whole challenge blog got started. The king of online fitness programming, Craig Ballantyne, and Bedros Keuilian spotted me doing pull ups one day and their heads turned.  They helped me see that my fitness prowess could be used to help challenge others.


challenge workouts(This is me with Chris McCombs, Craig Ballantyne, Steve Hochman, Bedros Keuilian and Vince DelMonte)

And so this blog was born, along with my pull up and push up programs.

I have a ton of fun thinking up and researching challenging workouts to do. I’ll do them and then challenge you to do them too.

It’s interesting to me that many people have missed the entire point of this challenge blog.

Yes, I’m a very competitive person, sometimes to my detriment, but I’m not out to ‘beat’ any of you at anything.

I’m out to ‘beat myself’.

A challenge is all about doing a personal best.

(If I can beat you in the process, well, that’s just a cherry on top for me…)


I’m smart enough to know that there’s always someone out there stronger, faster, fitter than me and I’m fine with that.

It doesn’t matter much to me if you beat me because my challenges are my own. If I do a challenge, I can’t wait to try it again to see if I can beat my previous record.

(Keep in mind that I’m a 48-year-old woman of two teen-aged kids. I’m not using this as an excuse of any sort. I’m actually super proud of my age and the fact that I can do even half the stuff on this blog. If you can beat my scores in the various challenges, great! You probably should be able to because you may be half my age.)

I challenge you to keep doing these workouts and more for another 25 years and keep trying to beat your own personal bests.

The purpose of this blog is for me to challenge myself and in turn challenge YOU. If I can inspire you to get off the couch and into that zone where you’re close to losing your lunch with exhaustion, then my job is done.

So, guess how I feel when I see comments like this:

challenge workout bench press

Are you kidding me? Rather than criticizing my form, how about getting off Face Book and trying one of the workouts and posting your own results?

I put myself out there; I know that I’m not the MOST fit of all. I just know that I’m as fit as I can be and will continually challenge myself to be more fit.

I hope everyone gets the point of this blog and the workouts I do:

Never stop challenging yourself and don’t let age and time tell you that you should slow down. Your body will adapt remarkably when you train with passion, purpose and intelligence.

What do you think?

Let me have it…do you think this blog is just self-puffery? Or do you think it’s actually purposeful to challenge others to reach their personal best?