Vanity: Not Necessarily All Bad

I’ll start my ‘diet’ on Monday…have you ever said this? Have you ever put something off till tomorrow that you should really get moving on right now?


Sadly, fitness and fat loss goals are often victim to procrastination.

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I may be guilty of many bad habits, but this is one that I’ve managed to skip. For me, the consequence of not being true to my fitness goals is too high. Admittedly, my vanity prevents me from falling prey to procrastination and actually, this has been a good thing for my health. Perhaps vanity has its benefits…

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Through my fitness boot camps and especially my coaching program, I’ve been privy to a number of ‘excuses’ as to why procrastination happens. Though imaginative excuses prevail, I feel that the underlying reason for many ladies procrastination is self-sabotage. No one wants to admit that they’re self-sabotaging their goals, in fact, few are actually conscious of the fact, but this is how I see the problem.


Is this happening to you?female fat loss over 40

Let’s examine things a little further. The majority of my clients are successful, vibrant and beautiful women. They are often career women and mothers, and most times both. These women are masterful at juggling a number of balls in the air and wearing a number of hats simultaneously.

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Why is it that these women can be super successful at keeping their careers on track, their family in line, the laundry done, supper on the table, have a spotless home but not manage to carve out three hours of fitness time for themselves weekly?


Why is it that they can feed a family with nutritious snacks and meals but not make them self a lunch?

female fat loss over 40Why is it that these women have been gaining and losing the same five to ten pounds over and over again?


Let’s back up. If you’ve been reading my blog or researching fat loss at all, you’ll come to realize that there’s nothing ground breaking in the last few years. In fact, what your grandmother told you about sound nutrition still carries value. Of course there are some tricks you can use to help you meet your fat loss goals, but over all, the same principles your mother and grandma used to lose weight would probably still work. female fat loss over 40

Most people don’t want to hear this. Most are looking for a ‘magic bullet’ or an easier way. Your grandma probably spoke of eating wholesome close to the ground foods, that is, nothing processed or made with ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Your grandma probably also walked a whole lot more and did yard work or other physical labor that we automate now. Your grandma lived in an era where being sedentary was not commonplace.


What I’m talking about is ‘lifestyle’ and adopting healthy lifestyle habits of a bygone era.

What does this have to do with procrastination?

Well, since our lifestyle tends to be one that is more sedentary, we need to make more active choices. These are the choices that can be put off until Monday.

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Our lifestyle tends to be rushed and stress filled and often our diets reflect poor nutritional choices, ones that provide instant gratification but little in the way of nutritional density. Deciding to improve eating habits can be ‘put off’ till Monday.


How is this related to self-sabotage?


The majority of my clients tend to put the needs of others in front of their own. While this is unselfish, it most often leaves women unsatisfied with themselves. Even though a woman may have solid fitness and fat loss goals, she doesn’t value herself enough to follow through with them. Ultimately, when a woman is unsatisfied and fails to meet her goals, she isn’t able to serve others as effectively. female fat loss over 40

Are you catching what I’m pitching here?


What I’m trying to say is this: if you’re not happy with your health or physique, it’s time to stop sabotaging your efforts. Put yourself first where your health is concerned and start your fitness and fat loss plan TODAY. It’s actually not brain surgery. Consistent application of healthy lifestyle habits is all it takes. You can find pretty much all you need to know right here on my blog. And if you need more motivation, or if guilt is getting in the way of you carving a bit of time out weekly for yourself, keep in mind that when you’re happy in your own skin, you’re able to be a better career person, mom, wife, friend or what ever other hat you’re wearing.

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Let me help. In addition to this blog, I have a number of programs from my fitness boot camps, to my online program, to my 14 day program to my more intense coaching program that can help you.


And here’s a thought if you’re saying ‘it’s easy for you to stay fit, you’ve arrived in terms of your fitness and fat loss goals’.

female fat loss over 40NOT so.


You need to know that it’s a daily choice for me to eat healthy foods and get my workout in. Don’t be fooled into thinking that I don’t crave junk food on occasion or feel lazy and don’t want to get my workout on. I have all the same feelings as you do, I just know that if I make an effort to overcome these temptations to slack that I’ll look and feel better in the end.


And what did I tell you about vanity? Yes, having a little vanity can also be interpreted as having a lot of self-love and respect.


female fat loss over 40

It’s okay to be a little vain…


And oh by the way, speaking of vanity and you need a QUICK FIX to get you back on track, my 14 Day Virtual Fat Furnace is your best bet. It’s a great way to lose some inches and pounds while re-establishing your fitness lifestyle. It’s something you can do RIGHT NOW to feel better about yourself.