Grocery Store Game Plan

Love it or hate it, it’s a chore that we all need to do: grocery shopping. If fat loss is one of your goals, this can be a make or break time. You can sabotage your weekly goals or support them within the course of an hour. Whether you need to drop a pound or two or not, your health depends on you winning the grocery store game.



As some of you know, I run fitness boot camps and nutritional awareness is key to the success of my boot campers. To this end, I usually do a monthly nutrition call with a nutritionist where my campers can ask and have answered their most pressing nutritional questions.


On this particular call, Zach goes over the best way to navigate the potential enemy lines of the grocery store.


CLICK HERE to listen in.


Here are a few more tips:



· Make a list and stick to it – If you know what you need, you’re less likely to shop for things you don’t need. If an item isn’t on your list, it may be because it doesn’t fit with your plan.


· Shop outside – The perimeter that is. All the best foods are on the perimeter of the store, and the less nutritious and more processed foods are on the shelves.


· Don’t go hungry! – Everything looks yummy and tempting on an empty stomach. Avoid this by eating before you go shopping.


The grocery store need not be a minefield of temptation. Put a little thought into your grocery store game plan and you’ll be on the winning end of your fitness and fat loss goals.