Josh Carter’s Challenge Workout

If you wanna use your body weight as an excuse for NOT being able to do pull ups, don’t read this post.

You may look at me and say, ‘easy for a 120lb person’, but you definitely can’t look at Josh Carter and say the same. Josh runs about 245lbs. He’s a monster. I recently sat beside him at a mastermind meeting for fitness pro’s and I was amazed at how this man ate. I’d say there was about a 20 minute period in the entire day that this man was NOT eating.


Josh needs alotta fuel to move, but wow, can he move.

He trains hard core. He runs Carter Fitness, a training facility in West Hills, California (just outside of Los Angeles) that does private and semi-private training as well as he has a Fit Body Boot Camp just like me.

We went to Fit Gym in San Diego. It was a confusing experience, it looked more like a night club than a gym, I wasn’t sure if I should chill and maybe hit the dance floor or train…check out the lounge chairs in the middle of the gym:

The cool thing was it was full of pretty hard core trainers, Josh being one of them. He just finished a brutal looking leg and shoulder day when I asked him to share his best challenge workout with me.

Take a look at the video:

Here’s a recap:

10 burpee box jumps/1 pull up

9 burpee box jumps/2 pull ups

8 burpee box jumps/3 pull ups

Can you see the pattern?

If you can’t do full pull ups, then try a jump pull up, an assisted pull up, a heavy lat pull down or even a heavy bar bell row.

Have fun with this one! Post your times, I’d love to report to Josh and challenge him to beat his time.