Shawna 24/7 Progress Report – JoJami

I have the coolest clients!


JoJami Tyler, style expert from Fabulous After 40, is doing my Shawna 24/7 program. She’s just started and wanted to give you a head’s up of what it’s all about.


Here’s what JoJami is excited about:


  • This is a virtual program, so she’s able to ‘train’ with me from miles away.


  • I sent her a workout a day via email.


  • Some workouts are written, others are in video format.


  • All exercises are clearly described and there’s a video library to reference.


  • You’ll get a personalized nutrition plan that’s takes into account your goals.


  • You’ll get daily tips via email and texts from me to help you stay on track.


  • You have access to me for whatever question you may have regarding fitness and fat loss.


  • We’ll set up conference calls with other coaching clients so we can support each other and learn what’s working for everyone.


  • The program is all about building strength to build metabolism.


  • You can train right at home without a ton of equipment.


  • This isn’t just for those ladies that feel like they have lots of weight to lose. JoJami is actually at her ideal weight right now. She knows that she’d like to tighten and tone up.


JoJami really loves the program and I’m super excited to work with her. Stay posted to the blog as she’ll provide updates as to how she’s making out.

This program isn’t for everyone. I have a screening process in place. You can see if you qualify by going HERE. I’m only accepting a few special ladies to do my virtual program.