Fashion Flash

I love being part of an amazing group of bloggers and look forward to reading their weekly fab fashion and beauty advice. Here’s a roundup of their best posts this week: CLICK HERE

Tired of schlepping in jeans and a sweatshirt on your day off? The Glam Gals show you what to wear to look wow on the weekend.


Do shows such as the Learning Channel’s Big Sexy play into stereotypes of plus-size women or redefine standards? Jodell Raymond of the Black Cat Plus blog weighs in.


With a wave of people switching from highly chemical to more natural products, Fab Over Forty tells us how natural your beauty routine really is.


Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog explores Zoom tooth whitening.


Looking for ways to get your significant other involved in your fitness journey? Is it a touchy subject? Female Fat Loss Over 40 Expert, Shawna K helps out.


Ugg Boots get a new look for Fall 2011. They are still as comfortable, but with a little more style. Check them out at Obsessed with Shoes.


What would you do to look younger?  Take the Menopause Makeover survey today, located in the right-hand column on their blog.