Diet Plan for Fat Loss for Women

A diet plan for fat loss for women involves a triangle. Let me explain…


Some think that a diet plan for fat loss for women is all that’s needed to get the body of your dreams. In fact, a diet plan for fat loss for women is only one aspect, or corner of this aforementioned triangle.


diet plan for fat loss for women

The other corners of this triangle are equally important.


First off, you need to consider exercise when looking to get fit and lose fat. This exercise component is broken down into two factors: cardio exercise and resistance training exercise.


Cardio exercise for fat loss should be HIIT, or high intensity interval training. I’ve spoken numerous times about this. You can check out this post for more details:


Basically, what this blog post discusses is that in addition to a diet plan for fat loss for women, you also need to burn calories through high intensity interval training as opposed to long, slow boring cardio that only burns calories while you’re doing this long, slow boring cardio.


And speaking of burning calories, your best bet for burning maximum calories is to add a little meat to your bones through resistance training. I’m talking long, lean, sexy muscle tone…not bulky manly muscles. Don’t worry, any muscle that you can put on through some resistance type training will never be manly huge and unsavory – women just don’t have the genetic make up for that. You’d be surprised how much you can tone up with the addition of even a small amount of muscle through body weight and light resistance training. You can find a ton of ways to do this without joining a gym here.


So once you have your cardio and resistance training in place, you need to consider a diet plan for fat loss for women. Check out the video below for a few tips:


To summarize, you need to:


-EAT! Eating actually raises your metabolism and keeps it elevated. Your body is more willing to burn calories for energy when it knows food is plentiful.


-Eat 5-6 times a day for this very reason.


-Reduce refined and processed foods and go for more fruits, veggies and whole grains along with high quality proteins.


-Eat protein and a bit of healthy fat at every meal and snack to reduce swings in blood sugar. When blood sugar gets low, your energy tanks and you crave and want to reach for high calorie sugary snacks-the body’s way to boost blood sugar.


-Watch portion sizes. Stop eating BEFORE you’re full since the body is about 20 minutes behind in sending the satiation signal to your brain.


There you have it, a few tips that will help you succeed with any diet plan for fat loss for women.