At Home Workouts for Women

At home workouts for women can be simple and include as few as three exercises:


squat jump
push ups
painful push away (one arm)


You’d be surprised at how much your body will tone up with these three exercises in an at home workout for women.


Often times, ladies will want to throw money at their fitness and fat loss efforts by buying a treadmill or other gizmos and gadgets when in fact, simple body weight exercises will do the trick. There is nothing fancy or expensive about the exercises you’re going to see in the video below:


Let’s go over why these exercises should be included in any at home workout for women.


First off the squat jump. The squat is a great overall thigh toning exercise and it even works the core since it’s important to keep a tight tummy at the bottom of the movement to maintain balance and proper form. By adding the jump, this explosive power will help you build muscle tone in the quads (the front of the leg), the hamstrings (the back of the leg) and the gluts (your bum!).


Secondly, there’s the lowly push up. Most ladies and some men shy away from the push up. They think it’s ‘too hard’ or that there’s no merit to it. In fact, the push up works the chest, shoulders, triceps and core. It’s the best upper body exercise that you can do anywhere with no equipment. When I travel, if I can’t do anything else, I’ll drop down and do push ups. (I’ve been seen at the airport busting out a set, but don’t mind me, I’m a little over the top strange…doing push ups in the privacy of your living room is just fine!)


The last exercise in the video is the painful push away. This is a fairly advanced exercise in any of the at home workouts for women I provide. If this is too difficult for you, it’s best for you to start off with a plank. You can check out this blog post for more tips on the plank.


Fitness and at home workouts for women can be surprisingly easy. Anyone can do an at home workout with a little thought and planning. The problem I find most have is that they don’t have an action plan for working out at home or at a gym. Having no plan is planning to fail.


at home workouts for women

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