Success Story – Jen

I have the opportunity to work with the most amazing women. My 24/7 client, Jen falls into that category. Here’s her story in her own words:

I would like to share my story so that any of you that are wanting to get into shape, and have tried many other methods, might give Shawna’s 24/7 program a try.


I was in Hawaii at the beginning of June 2011 when the picture of me in the dress was taken.  I realized when I saw the photo that I just didn’t look like myself.  I don’t know why pictures are so much more revealing, maybe because we get used to seeing ourselves in the mirror every day, but I knew I really wanted to get help to at least get back into a healthy BMI.  I have two kids, so I didn’t expect my body to be like it was in high school, but I was 30 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight which was just too much.


I trained with Shawna many years ago, and loved her classes, so I thought I’d come back to her website to see what she was doing now with bootcamp.  I was so excited to read about the 24/7 program, it sounded like exactly what I needed.  I am a busy working Mom, so to have someone think for me on a daily basis, check in, be accountable too etc, I thought this would be awesome.  Like the stars that have a trainer show up at their house everyday but that most of us couldn’t afford.


Shawna was so faithful in checking in via text, responding to emails etc and helped me change my lifestyle to specifically suit my schedule, challenges etc. I NEVER STARVED which was awesome, because I don’t think that’s healthy. Yet I learned more discipline and to give it my all rather than taking the easy road as well.  The expectations Shawna had of me were realistic, so I knew this was lifestyle stuff rather than a “short diet + bootcamp and then I’m thrilled when its over” kind of approach.   She seemed to know when to be understanding, and also when to give that kick in the butt that’s needed.


I can honestly say the healthy eating patterns, portions and foods (that were still quick and easy) are just part of who I am now, and what I crave the majority of the time. There was/is room for treats, but they are the exception and I don’t feel at all deprived in that. Although eating has been transformed, I’m still growing in learning to like exercise. I have to push myself to do my workout, and its still easier to put everything else before bootcamp.  But it’s a journey that’s more than weeks, likely years, and I like where I’ve gotten today.  I can’t wait to keep training toward my goals & to see where I am next year.  Like Shawna once said (when I said something about how in shape she was) “it’s just many years of showing up”.


Thanks Shawna, I just know I couldn’t have gotten here without you!


Take a look at Jen’s results:

Down 17 lbs and 17 inches!


If you’re interested in getting fabulous results like Jen, check out my 24/7 coaching program and see if you qualify.